Monday, 25 September 2017

Freedom Make up London Pro - Vamp Noir Lipstick Collection ♥

Autumn is here and you know what that means? Halloween is coming. Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday of them all, Christmas is great and all but for me, a horror movie lover and dress up lover Halloween is the best holiday out of them all (not to mention all the sweets). 

So, when browsing the TAM Beauty website and i came across this little set, i was in love. I wrote about them in my haul here.  The Freedom Make up London Pro Vamp Noir Lipstick Collection (£5.00) is a great little buy especially for this time of year. Once it hits Autumn and it gets a little bit colder i always bust out my vampy lipsticks and my bobble hats. The 5 shades in this collection (Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, From Dusk til Dawn, Dark Paradise and Intense Noir) are not sold separately from this collection. My personal favourite is Dark Paradise which is a gorgeous amethyst colour. 

The colours are amazing - the only thing i would change would be maybe to add a black - as there is not nearly enough black lipsticks available.  They are quite creamy and i haven't felt like my lips have become dry at all from using these either which is always a plus. These usually last  for a couple of hours for me before needing a touch up but would last longer without eating/drinking. 

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Brushegg Make Up Brush Cleaner ♥

Lets admit it, we all loathe cleaning our make up brushes. It's such a chore especially if like me, you have quite a lot. I've been reading reviews about the gloves to help you clean these but i've always been wary due to the price tags associated with these products. So when i saw this little item for sale and at such a low price, i bought it to see if it would help me save time cleaning my make up brushes.

Brushegg Make Up Brush Finger Scrubber is very small, fitting on two fingers. Its perfect sized for most brushes except from larger powder brushes and other brushes that size. I got mine in purple but a quick google shows me they do other colours like pink or mint green too. Its made out of silicon and feels quite sturdy - not cheap at all. There are two different patterns on there to help you clean your brushes. The smaller dots on the top are to help 'foam and lather' while the grooves below help pull off any oil, make up and other dirt on your brushes.

I always use baby shampoo or washing up liquid to clean my brushes and this is certainly easier than the way i used to clean my brushes. The only problem i have with this is the size, as for my larger face brushes its quite fiddly but i'll be looking out for a larger version from this company. 


Thursday, 21 September 2017

ELF Sweet Cherry Lip Scrub Exfoliator ♥

I've been a fan on ELF for quite a while now and have mentioned them multiple times here on my blog the last few years (which you can read here). I was devastated a few years ago when i couldn't get hold of them anymore but thankfully Superdrug have come to the rescue and now sell them online and in their stores. One of my favourite products was the Lip Exfoliator which i used to use every day especially in the colder months to keep my lips looking healthier and making my lipstick looking better for longer. So when browsing Superdrug recently i had a look at their stand and saw not only the lip exfoliator but other varieties and really wanted to try one.

I chose the E.L.F. Lip Scrub Exfoliator 'Sweet Cherry' as cherry is one of my favourite ever scents/tastes. I use these every morning and evening then apply a lip balm after to lock in all moisture possible. The scent of this isn't particularly strong but the product itself works very well at ridding my lips of any dry or dead skin clinging to it and looking chapped.  They also have other varieties like the original and even a mint version too.

I like the fact its in a lipstick format rather than some lip scrubs which is in a pot and means you have to keep dipping your finger into it. The scrub has Shea butter and jojoba oil which really leave your lips feeling very nourished and soft. Although I'm slightly disappointed in the scent the product itself works well and I'll definitely keep this as a daily staple. 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Barry M Matte Me up Lip Kit in Pose ♥

I have always associated Barry M with nail polish for years. Mostly because it's been my go to brand for nail polish for such a long time. I recently decided to try out more of their make up line as I'd been pleasantly surprised before with the one or two items i had tried. 

grabbed the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in 'Pose' which is a really lovely light nude. I do love matte lips - especially with Autumn/Winter coming up. The lip liner has an amazing formula, it truly glides effortlessly onto the lips and doesn't smudge easy either. The Matte lip paint is really pigmented, a little goes a very long way and dries quite quickly but thankfully doesn't dry your lips out too much. I've been using this on workdays and found it looks perfect for at least 5/6hours before i need to touch it up which is great when I'm constantly drinking at my desk. For only £6.99 this is a great little lip kit containing two really good products - I'm definitely going to be looking at the other shades now.


Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation ♥

We all have those products we can't help but go back to. One of mine is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which is one of my top 3 foundations. Easily one of the best high street foundations i've ever tried. I'm quite pale and thankfully they have mastered the  paler shades so i don't end up looking like an orange which is always a big plus.

This foundation has great coverage, medium to high but you can build this for a very flawless look. With my foundation i like to try to erase my freckles especially when i'm having a night out and this erases all my imperfections and leaves me with a flawless looking base.

It doesn't take much product either so you don't end up with the heavy feeling on your face that we all hate. I always end up with so many compliments on my complexion whenever i wear this - which i'm guessing is because this foundation is designed to make your skin looks radiant and anti-fatigue (which is always a big plus when like me you are cursed with very dark circles under your eyes). This lasts really well for a long time, Bourjois claim 16hrs but i don't think i've ever wore make up for that long in one go but this can easily last from 8am to 6pm with no touching up needed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Make Up Revolution Haul ♥

We all have our favourite brands - don't we? One of my favourites is Make Up Revolution and has been for years! I've had myself on a spending ban for a few months for make up to save money and to help me use up what i have before buying something else. I have officially ended that ban though and had a little splurge on the TAM Beauty website and I've got to say i was so excited for this parcel to arrive!

The first thing i had to buy was the Make Up Revolution Luxury Powder in 'Banana' which looks amazing. Everyone has been going on about Banana powders for years so i thought I'd try this little beauty out finally. I also bought a lot of lip products - oops. But my excuse is, I'm running out of all of my Autumn/winter shades so i needed to restock on these colours.... First up is the Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick in 'Chauffeur' which is a gorgeous nude that i cannot wait to put on. I could not resist the beautiful rose gold packaging either though! Onto the darker lip products now and i bought two 'vampy' sets. The first one is the Freedom Lipstick Kit 'Vampire Collection'  which has 5 lovely shades to choose from starting with a blood red all the way to a very dark brown / black. The other set i treated myself to is the Make Up Revolution Lip Trends Ultra Vamp 2017 which looks perfect for this time of year with 3 very gorgeous shades to choose from

One of my biggest obsessions is new blushes so i had to get the Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Blush in 'All I can think about is you'. I love baked blushes and don't have nearly enough of these. Last but not least, i picked up the  Freedom pro Brow Pomade in Medium Brown which looks like a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills product which i could never try due to the price tag!

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