Monday, 12 November 2012

helpful tips for life

Life isn't fair. We've all heard that and we have all had the evidence to show its true. We all know its unpredictable, one minute you could be having the best time of your life but it doesn't take much to bring you crashing back down to rock bottom. When i wasn't quite so stable minded (ha) i thought of little things to help me with anything in life because as we all know, its the little things in life that matter most.

Collect all your loose change
When i was younger and a bit naive, i wouldn't keep my loose change really. I'd leave it places, i'd forget it, waste it on things like gum and chocolate bars. Now i have a glass jar in my room that everyday, when i come home from whatever i've been doing i drop in all the loose change from that day. Any 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps and 20ps that just make my purse heavy for no real reason. Roughly, per month i change it up to around £20. If i'm out anywhere and i see money on the floor, yes i do pick it up and yes i have almost been hit by cars doing this in the middle of the road. But that £20 is pretty useful when you think about it, that could go straight into your savings, or buy that top you really wanted. 

Treat Yourself
This one is pretty self-explanatory but it can mean anything to any given person. When you've had a bad day, everyone has their own methods of coping. Whether it be a bubble bath or a stiff drink. Say yes. Buy that pretty dress you loved on yourself, watch that chick flick you're embarrassed to admit you like and eat that tub of ice cream. 

Take care of your appearance
I'm not the worlds most girly girl or anything, but we all enjoy looking nice. Spend a little extra on your shampoo and conditioner and get one that you know works for you. Wear pretty clothes, take that extra half hour to get ready and really love how you look. Liking how you look is a true mood booster, its not easy to have fun while out if you don't feel attractive. 

Make sure your body is getting everything it needs
Not that many people take vitamins but actually its a wonder what they can actually do for you. I don't mean twelve different kinds of pills four times a day. One multivitamin and iron pill once a day really can help. It helps the immune systen and keeps blood healthy

Take an Adventure
Too many people working the same boring hours at the same boring job. Think of something you really want to do and take it. Work for it if you have to. It could be that around the world trip you've wanted since you were a kid or it could just getting a new haircut. People don't like change, but change is good. 

Treat people well
This one is also a given but people can also forget to do this. How you treat people is a big factor in how people treat you. Of course, there are the few exceptions but nothing annoys the haters more than pleasantry. Say good morning to your neighbours, smile at the people you pass in the streets, ask your co-workers how their weekend was. You can make someones day just by being nice. 

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