Monday, 21 January 2013

love yourself, no matter what.

if only we could all learn to love ourselves for the good things about ourselves rather than hate ourselves for the things we'd change. just like everyone else, i have insecurities about how i look. who doesn't right? i'm guilty of obsessing over the things i hate and often being too critical of myself. 

if you can name 10 things you do not like about your appearance try and list 10 things you do, because bringing yourself down will just make you feel worse.

Things I Don't Like:
  • My teeth - i hate my teeth and always have. I always wanted braces as a child as i wanted straight perfect teeth, i never got to have them sadly! As a smoker and a tea lover i hate the colour of my teeth and am currently saving money to get them professionally whitened.
  • My Weight - i have never been happy with my weight and beat myself up (figuratively) quite often about it. My problem is the food i love is always the most unhealthy and i wasn't blessed with an unusually high metabolism (we all have that one friends who is super skinny but eats more than is surely possible) i shall be working with a nutritionist to bring my weight down.
  • My Feet - for some strange reason, despite me being rather short, i was cursed with feet very large? no idea why as i have bigger feet than even my dad! impossible to find nice ladies shoes, have to admit! i can't do anything about this except try not to fall over my flippers.
  • My Thighs - I've always wanted skinnier legs as i have always had trouble with the fact i have very large legs. I don't want matchsticks for legs mind you, i would just like to be able to wear a skirt without feeling like a whale.
  • My Smile - This one i'm not even 100% sure why i do not like it? I just don't. I don't smile in pictures and often cover my mouth when smiling. hmmm, oh well!
Things I DO Like:
  • My Eyes - i have always loved my eyes. I love the colour of them and how bright they are and big. ^_^
  • My Freckles - Something that until a few months ago, i HATED about myself. Now, i love them! each tiny dot of colour is a perfect imperfection. without them, i'd have a rather boring face (also i'd look even more pale!)
  • My Nose - SO glad i wasn't cursed with a massive nose like my dad and got a cute little one from my mums side of the family.
  • My Hair - Finally, i have found a colour i am happy with. i've been through so many different hair colours throughout my teenage years so far and i've been dying my hair for almost 6 years now, i scarcely remember my natural colour. But blonde is something i feel happy with. 
  • My Boobs - Just glad i actually grew some. YAY ME. 

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