Saturday, 23 February 2013

About me

A little bit about me

I just realised i've not written much about me on this blog! So i'll be doing that now so you can all get to know me!

  • I'm eighteen years old, (nineteen in a few months) and I live in England.
  • I like to dye my hair and have been dying it for 8 years now, i've been blonde for over a year now and i love it!
  • I have really blue eyes and they're my favourite thing about myself! 
  • I have loads of freckles!
  • I'm only short! 5foot5 to be precise!
  • I love to read and thats what i'm doing 60% of the time!

  • I've had my hair so many colours! Red, black, black and red,dark brown, pink, light brown, ginger and of course blonde! 
  • I have three cats, two tabby and one white. They're my babies and yes i do have whole conversations with them...
  • I love music so much. I have a pretty random music taste but my favourites are Mayday Parade, Motley Crue and All Time Low. 
  • I'm so bad at cooking but i'm great at baking!
  • I have an amazing boyfriend who bless him has to deal with me taking hours getting ready and dragging him into make up shops!

  • I'm a really messy person, i just can't help it!
  • I love sleeping, i'm pretty lazy! I love early nights and lay ins! 
  • I wear 18" extensions as much as i can as i wish my hair was that long!
  • I normally just burst out singing and dancing for no reason whatsoever....

Leave me a comment telling me something about you! 

lots of love,
Rosie xo


1 comment

  1. if i described my look, it would be exactly like you! blonde, freckly and 5ft5! :)
    i'm obsessed with beauty and fashion like you and love reading as well :)
    i'm australian, but i live in singapore,
    i'm eighteen in two weeks
    and i'm incredibly sporty!

    oh and i'm loving your blog at the moment, i just started mine up, it's great to see other beauty bloggers too and i have a tad of fashion! xxxx


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