Monday, 18 February 2013

Having a Browse

I absolutley love to browse online looking at make up! I swear boots, debenhams and superdrug are my most visited websites ever (except for facebook of course!). I always have a list of things i'd like to try or just like the look/idea of.

The reason i write down which products i would like to buy is because as i only work part time, i don't get a lot of money! :( So i've been limiting myself to only one piece of high end make up a month (or two depending on what i get paid!) and with drugstore i just pick it up when i want really as i have an addiction to make up and i can't walk past a Boots or Superdrug without buying something!

One rule i am giving myself is to be careful what i buy. I really want more blushers as i don't have very many and would like a better variety of colours! Same with lip products.

I need to pop into Lush and The Body Shop for some new bath/shower products soon as i love nothing more than treating myself in the bath! Face masks and body lotions and everything else. I get paid this week and i will definitley be going straight to those shops and sniffing everything like the weirdo i am...

Been up since 4am for work and am doing earlys for the first half of this week then i'm on lates! Bleugh, how am i supposed to get my beauty sleep?! On that note, its off for a bubble bath then get into bed and read til bedtime...

What Make Up Products do you need to try more of? Leave a comment and tell me!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

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