Monday, 25 February 2013

MAC Haul! :D

MAC Haul! 

What i wore for my interview, have to admit i loved this dress! Was so pretty and comfy<3

As some people will know i had my interview today and i was so nervous! But in between the skills test and my interview i had a four hour gap! What else better to do than go shopping? As my interview was right next to a MAC Counter... It was meant to happen. At least that's what i'm telling myself!

Have to say the girls at MAC where i shop are so lovely! Today we were chatting about beauty bloggers we liked, pretty fun! Helped with my nerves too!

I got the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light. I've been wanting this for ages now and i finally decided to get it. You get a very decent amount of product. I haven't used it yet but i'm sure i'll put a review up in due course!
I also bought the Powder Blush in "Fleur Power" which is so so pretty and i can't wait to try it on! I'm a sucker for blush, i just want them all!
Last but not least, i got a lipstick in "Sunny Seoul" which is a beautiful soft coral shade. Not too out there but not too sheer, if you know what i mean. You get enough colour to wear everyday but not too little that you can't make a statement with! Ahhhhhhh <3

I actually went into my MAC to see if they'd gotten the "Archies Girls" Collection yet, which they hadn't which upset me as i wanted to get a certain blush from the collection! I'll just have to spend more money (I don't need anymore excuses to do that!). 

I find out either tomorrow or Wednesday morning if i got the job or not, so keep your fingers crossed for me ladies!

Have you tried any of these Products? Tell me what you think of them!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


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