Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to be A Savvy Shopper

How to be a Savvy Shopper And Get More For Your Money

I'm going to admit it right here, i have a bit of a shopping addiction. Sales, Promotions and what have you always make me want to buy more. But some people don't shop in the sales (what is this madness?) or even think about how much extra money they're needlessly spending!

I went looking around the internet looking for the best deals on the prettiest items, whether they be underwear, jewellery, clothing or footwear. So, i'll list the codes i have and show some pretty examples on what items you should save on!

Urban Outfitters 10% off online
Find out the code here! Personally, i thought almost everything in that shop was beautiful, it was hard to choose just two! 

Dress was £55 Now £49.50
Top £10 in sale £9

La Senza 25% Off Bras 
I love La Senza Bras. So pretty and girly! What makes it even better is saving yourself money aswell! (Gives you more money to buy stuff with....). This code only works on full price items and only on Bras. But really, you can never have too many of them! You can find the code here .

Bra was £33. £24.75 After Coupon

Was £20 Now £15

Now its your turn! http://www.netvouchercodes.co.uk/cat/fashion-and-footwear  is the website where i found all the voucher codes and more! If you spot a good one i haven't mentioned, comment it to me! Might aswell feed my addiction! :)

Are you a savvy shopper? Do you use discount codes? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love


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  1. I love this post :) I always look for discount codes before buying online and saved 15% on benefit mascara from lookfantastic x


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