Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Quick Update

Hi there guys, just wanted to put up a quick post updating you on my life at the moment like the reasons i haven't posted very much!
I look rather funny without make up on!

  • Got an email this morning telling me i've got an interview at my local council for a position i really want! I really hope i get it as its an ideal job for me, good money and i get to learn alot. It will also be my first step into normal 9-5 work as i've only done retail and food before! This also means shopping for an interview outfit which is always fun as i love office clothes!
  • I've been working such funny hours recently! Mostly mornings (starting at 5am) opening the shop and by the time i'm finished i'm too knackered to even open my laptop, with the odd evening shift thrown in (where i finish at 11pm) which is very confusing to my system! I've barely seen my boyfriend or family as i've been working so many hours but at least i'll get alot of money on payday (only two days away!) and can pay for my flights for my holiday in April! 
  • Trying to find the perfect skincare routine for me, which is hard. I won't say too much now, i'll save it for when i'm done and am writing a post on it with more detail!
  • Went to a gig on Saturday night at my local venue to see a friends band. I haven't been to a gig in a really long time as i work weekends :( and by the time my shop closes the gig would have finished! 
tried out my apocalips lip lacquer in "nova" and i love it :D

posted this photo on my instagram earlier as its a list of make up products i'd like to buy.. rather long list... oops!

Lots of Love


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