Sunday, 31 March 2013

Current Wishlist ♥

Beautysets - :)
My Current Wishlist

  Who else sits there at their computer just making lists of all the products they want or need for their collection? I hope not just me! But i'm always doing this as it helps me decide what items i'd like to "splurge on each month so i don't go completely mental and spend all my money the day i get paid! Although the list of products i'd like to buy is quite long, these six products are one's i've been lusting after for a really long time and well i'm pretty sure i need them in my life. 

1. Nars Orgasm - I've heard about this product so much. Everyone raves about NARS  blushes and i'd really like to try one! This shade is a peachy-pink with gorgeous golden shimmer!
2. Wet N Wild Colour Icon Palette Petal Pusher - I've heard so many beauty guru's on youtube rave about the Wet N Wild shadows. They're supposed to be highly pigmented and easily blendable all for a great price. I've always wanted to try these shadows but this palette in particular is calling my name especially those gorgeous pink shades!
3. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush - Physicians Formula is another brand i wish we got here in the UK. Again, I've heard so many people talking about this blush and i just really want to try it! The actual blush itself is adorable with all those little hearts and the fact its meant to help make you feel happy seems interesting. 
4. YSL Glossy Stain Peche Cerra-Colla - I've never tried any YSL lip products and i really want to as they're spoken about often in the bbloggersphere! This beautiful peach/coral shade would be perfect for summer and i love lip staining products! 
5.  Essie Tart Deco - I've only recently got into painting my nails often and buying nail polish's but this colour just makes me weak in the knees. If you couldn't tell already, I'm a bit in love with Coral. It screams summer to me and i'd like to try out an Essie Polish. 
6. Urban Decay Flushed Palette - Now, I worship UD when it comes to eyeshadows as they're truly the masters of them in my opinion. So, when i saw this little beauty on the website, i couldn't stop myself thinking "I NEED IT I NEED IT". I've not tried any UD face products and i've seen nothing but good reviews for this palette. 

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? Whats in your Wishlist? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


Saturday, 30 March 2013

50 GFC Giveaway! ♥♥♥♥♥

WOW, thank you guys! Seriously, I've only been doing this a little while and I've hit my first milestone and I'm so happy! I didn't expect anyone to check my blog out let alone have 50 followers! Ahh, so to celebrate and to say thanks to everyone for the support and feedback I'm doing a giveaway! I chose the prizes because these products are ones i love and couldn't live without!

Magic Candle 
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer "Apocaliptic"
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish "Instyle Coral"
Bag of sweets :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway I'm in love with the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers and can't get enough of this shade "Apocaliptic" Its so bright and i think it would look gorgeous on everyone! I've always got a candle on and the fact that this changes colour just makes it ever so cool! I Love my MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, the perfect neutral palette! Aussie 3 minute miracle is my go-t0 conditioner as it feels so good and smells gorgeous! 

Thank you for following guys :) Love you all so much

Lots of love,
Rosie xo 


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask ♥

So, the lovely people over at Tanning and Beauty World sent me the "Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask" to try out. Well, for starters, if you read my blog you'll know how much i love anything luxurious! The website has such an amazing selection of different products for you ranging from skincare to Make up!

Now, onto the product. True to its name it does feel very silky. They claim "Designed to condition the lips and repair dryness, boost the skin's cellular renewal, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, slough away dead skin cells and leave your lips silky smooth". So, after using this for the first time, did i like it? Yes! I'e always had a problem with dryness on my lips which gets so bad they crack and it's quite painful. I kept the Lip Mask on for 20 Minutes and once i took it off i could see and feel a difference. The product is non-invasive as it helps to plump up your pout without the need for any needles. They're £19.95 for a 4 pack which is amazing value as the pack should last you about two months! Each lip mask can be re-used for around 2 weeks, providing you stored it away correctly. I've been using mine before i apply any make up and i must say I've had a lot of compliments! And the best thing? The product contains no harmful chemicals which is always a mega bonus for me!

How to use: Cleanse your lips - Apply any lip balm - Wash the Lip mask in Water - Apply Mask to Lips - Leave on for 15/20 Minutes - Take off and Ta-Da! No need to even rinse the lips!

The Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask is available at along with more products from the Ascel Brand.

Have you tried any new products recently? Tell me what you recommend in the comments

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

Monday, 25 March 2013

Best and Worst: Eyes Lips Face (ELF) ♥

Best&Worst from ELF
Eyes Lips Face or ELF are a brand that gets talked about a lot in the bblogger world. I think everyone has tried some of their products. The products are very cheap and there is no animal testing to make them either. Here in the UK, we don't have them in shops so we can only order them online. I've bought quite a few things from ELF over the last year or two and these are my best and worst from ELF. Now, i love ELF. I'm not criticising the brand, I'm just stating what the products that i loved and disliked are! Your products may be different, you may have loved them, this is my personal opinion. You can see more products on their website here


Studio Blush Brush and Angled Blush Brush
The Studio Range from ELF is a bit more expensive than their "basic" line but it's still relatively cheap. I love the ELF Studio Brushes and these two are my favourites. The blush brushes are so soft and they feel really sturdy too. They look like they'd cost more than £3.75 each really. I use both of these brushes daily and they've never shed either. I use the angled blush brush to apply my highlighter and the blush brush to apply my... blush weirdly enough! They're a great product for an amazing price as I'd pay much more than what they're asking for! 4.0/5

Top to Bottom: Hazy Hazel, Drama and Butternut
The Eyeshadow quads. These little beauties are from the basic line and I'm actually in love with them. They're sold for £1.50! The quality of these is just amazing. Drama make a really dramatic smokey eye and Hazy Hazel and Butternut are great for neutral looks and even make a great night look too. They feel so creamy, not at all powdery and the pigmentation is incredible. They're small enough to fit in a make up bag if you're on the go and they come in so many colour's it'll be hard to find a quad you don't like! 4.2/5

Top: Gotta Glow Bottom: Pink Passion

The Studio Blushes are heaven in little black packaging. Easily blendable and just the right amount of pigmentation. The colour selection is great too. My favourites are "Pink Passion" which is a really girly pink but looks quite natural on the skin. Its a really gorgeous colour on, you can easily build up the colour if you want a more intense look but these look lovely even quite sheer. "Gotta Glow" is my go-to highlighter and I'd be lost without it! Its a gorgeous white/pale gold almost colour with shimmer. I use this on my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead, down my nose and on my cupids bow.  3.5/5

Eyeshadow Brush
The basics line has some good brushes, mainly the eye brushes. This one has to be my favourite though, the Eyeshadow brush. This is great for packing colour onto your lid or just for a quick sweep if you're in a hurry! This only costs £1.50 and the bristles are so soft i can't stop touching it! 3/5

Last, but not least...

Studio Eyeshadows! These are beautiful, pigmented and really soft as well. There are a fair few nice colours to choose from on the site and from my experience, they're all great. This formula is amazing. This is somehow better than the Basic Quads. This eyeshadow i use as a inner corner highlight as its very pigmented and lasts for hours on my face! 4.5/5

The Worst:

ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. This is from the basics line and i just never got on with this product. I'm a very pale girl naturally (NW15) and this was the lightest bronzer i could find on their site at the time and  i just can't use it! It comes out so orangey and as much as i love shimmer, this has way too much for my tastes! With this amount of shimmer I'd say this is more of a highlighter than a bronzer. Guess I'm stuck looking like a ghost for a bit longer than eh?! 1/5

L to R:  Flirtatious, Classy and Nostalgic 

The Basics Lipsticks. Although the colour themselves are quite nice i find the formula beyond annoying! I have extremely dry skin and my lips are quite dry too. I found these lipsticks way too dry most of the time for me. Especially in winter. They dried my lips out even more and sunk into the cracks and made them much more noticeable! Its a shame as they're fairly pigmented too. 2/5

The Tone Correcting Powder is from the Studio line. I've got a lot of redness on my face as well as some heavy dark circles so i thought I'd give this a try to see if it really could help correct the colour of my skin. I found this product did absolutely nothing to my redness or my dark circles. The only difference i saw was that it left a rather white cast on my face and made it really obvious i was wearing make up! I was really hoping this would work as it would have become a HG product instantly! 1.5/5

L to R:  Plum Pout, Fire Coral (No Sticker on Last One)
Where the Basic Lipsticks were too dry, the Plumping Lip Glaze formulation is too sticky. The plumper has no effect whatsoever apart from making the lips slightly tingle but the lip gloss and plumper are just so sticky its hard to open your mouth! The only nice colour i found on the lips was "Fire Coral" as well which disappointed me as i wanted a lip gloss i could everyday to work. 1/5

Thank you for reading this rather long post. ELF's website is These are my personal opinions. ELF is a great brand on the whole and i look forward to trying more of their products.

What products do you love from ELF? Tell me in the comments

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Payday Haul ♥

So, I got paid yesterday and went shopping (yay!!!). I mostly wanted to get clothes but there was one or two bits of make up i wanted to get as well! I couldn't get everything i wanted, as my boyfriend was complaining about looking at make up!

The MAC counter was super busy when i got there so i couldn't take too long to look around sadly!
But i was able to get a couple of bits that i've been lusting after for god knows how long!

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
You might recognize this from my High End Wishlist post. I've been wanting this product for so long and i'm so excited now i've finally got my hands on it! Its a gorgeous champagne colour with golden shimmer. I've never used a paint pot before so i'm looking forward to seeing how well this performs. I've seen a lot of bbloggers talk about the paint pots so i'm expecting great results!

MAC Naked Pigment
Here is yet another product that was on my High End Wishlist! This pigment is a beautiful nude colour with really subtle glitter and shimmer. Its absolutely perfect. When i was at the MAC counter a few weeks back, the girl showed me this on top of the Bare Study paint pot and i was in love right there and then! I can't wait to try this out either!

L to R: Grape Juice, Blueberry Muffin and Apple Pie.

I've seen these talked about a lot recently. The models own scented fruit pastel collection. I only got 3 out of the 5 colours in the collection as it was currently 3for2 in Boots and i can't resist a good sale! I'm now regretting not getting all of the colours so i might have to make a cheeky online purchase...

The actual nail polish' are scented themselves so when you're wearing them you get a nice little bit of fruity smells! I love the look of pastel nails and i love anything fruit scented so this is a win win product for me! The two shades i didn't get are "Banana Split" and "Strawberry Shortcake" which are a pastel yellow and pink respectively.  They also smell divine! Grape juice is easily my favourite though.

What have you bought recently? Tell me in the comments! 

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

FOTD: Easter Bunny ♥

So, I'm one of those people who love weird things. Especially bunny ears. I mean, they're adorable how can't you like bunny ears? So with it being Easter I thought I'd do an "Easter Bunny" Face of the day make up! Spring is a good season for make up, with pinks and pastels being in demand this year especially!

Products Used:
MAC Studio Sculpt NW15
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light
ELF Studio Blush in Pink Passion
ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow
Barry M Dazzle Dust in DD86
MAC Lipstick in Sunny Seoul
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

And of course, for the bunny ears! 
It was really hard to get the ears into the shot!
Now, I'm off to stuff myself with chocolate until i pass out! 

What make up do you like for Spring? Tell me in the comments?

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


Monday, 18 March 2013

Best Dressed: Cheltenham Festival ♥

Ladbrokes have kindly asked me to put together a list with who I thought were the best dressed people at the Cheltenham Festival 2013! If you want to find out more about the festival click here. 
In the United Kingdom, we've had horrendous weather! Wind and rain non stop, but these fashionistas wouldn't let a mere thing like weather get in the way of looking amazing...

Kate Middleton
Kates wowed the British Public since she came into the news! Always looking effortlessly beautiful and wearing beautiful clothes, its hard not to be jealous of her! Looking cheerful as ever despite the weather, but hey we're used to the British weather, wrapped in a snuggly coat. Personally, I love colourful coats. No matter what you wear them with they look great and its a welcome splash of colour if you're wearing all black! The knee high boots are beautiful, I've been looking for some of these for ages! Bet her feet are nice and warm! Got to admit though, not so sure on the hat...

Fawn Beddows
Well, Clearly someone just doesn't care about the weather! She must have been so cold but I have to admit, that playsuit is utterly gorgeous. Playsuits are amazing for summer and the fact its my favourite colour too makes it even better! I like the colour clashing aswell, Very bold and it looks lovely on her! I'm also in love with her lipstick and wish i knew what it was! 

Now this dress is just... WOW. She must have been cold too but my god, her dress is the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen! Since i found this photo i've been searching the web for something similar! I'm really into my bright, bold colours and this dress is just beyond pretty! Her shoes are gorgeous aswell and i think she deserves a standing ovation for being able to walk in them especially when its been so windy!

Just like Kate, Pippa is definitely a fashionista. I do love the bright yellow jacket on her, even if I'd never wear it myself, she pulls it off rather well I think! I'm loving the big shades too, not that there was much sun to shield your eyes from! She must have kept toasty warm in her boots and big coat! 

Now, for THE Best Dressed...

*giggles* WOW. You've got to love Alan Carr for this. He looks hilarious/dashing! Russell Brand looking effortlessly gorgeous as ever. I'd kill for half his wardrobe, he is so well dressed all the time! But Alan definitely upstaged him! Without his glasses on we probably never would have recognized him! Loving the top hat... 

Click here to see what kind of outfits i like to wear!

What would you have worn to Cheltenham Festival 2013? Tell me in the comments!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Face of the Day: Red Nose Day! ♥

If you live in the UK, you'll know today is Red Nose Day! A day where literally you wear a red nose out to make people laugh and to raise money. Every time you buy on the money gets given to Charity and there's a big comedy night on in the evening on the television! Everywhere takes part, schools and offices and shops raise money to give to Charity. Every year the noses are different, and this years theme is Dinosaurs with the cute slogan of "Meet the diNOSEsaurs!"

As its Red Nose Day, I thought today would be a great day to do my Face of the Day. To keep in line with Red Nose Day I made sure to have lots of red on today! I even wore my nose at work today and looked so funny, customers were laughing at me! 

Yes, I KNOW how silly I look :-)

Products Used:
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Light Porcelain
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light
ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in Blushed/Bronzed
ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl in Nude
ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
Maybelline Falsies in Black
Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang
Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polish in Starlet 

Are you wearing red for Red Nose Day today? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love
Rosie xo


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

High End Wishlist ♥

I love making wish lists. Sometimes i just like to remind myself of the beautiful things i can't afford! I have a big notepad just full of products I'd like to buy and i add to it every time i see something i want! But i love reading about what products are on other girls' wish lists! My high end wish list is a lot bigger than my high street/drugstore one at the moment!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer I love benefit products anyway but this is one product I'd love to own. I think everyone beauty blogger has raved about this and it just looks beautiful anyway. I love the boxed powders that Benefit do, so pretty! I haven't been able to find a bronzer i like the colour of on my skin so far, as I'm very pale and most of them are too dark or just too shimmery! At £23.50 it's quite pricey!

MAC Naked Pigment When i was last at the MAC counter, me and the girl were lusting over this. Its just beyond gorgeous. I do a lot of neutral eye looks and this is just the perfect lid colour in my opinion. Also, i love shimmery eye shadows! At £16.50 its an alright price, especially for high end make up!

Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser This may be pricey but the amount of product you get is at least double what I've seen other brands have! I love tinted moisturisers, especially in the summer (not that England gets a real summer!) and for work. Some days i just don't feel like going full coverage!

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick Now I'm the first to admit, I have a slight addiction to lipsticks! On top of that, pink lipsticks are my favourite! I love this barbie pink almost colour. I swatched it in the shop and fell in love with it! MAC lipsticks are so creamy and pigmented as well so its a win win!

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Again, another one of those products every beauty blogger has loved! Its such a gorgeous colour, champagne almost with pearl! Gorgeous. This with the naked pigment on top would be absolutely amazing! Its just too pretty to NOT buy...

Urban Decay Naked Palette I already own the Naked2 Palette and I'm in love with it. So, again this is a product I'm sure every beauty blogger or guru has in their collection. The shadows are highly pigmented, creamy and with a mixture of shimmer and matte finishes. The colours are beautiful for neutral eyes but could easily be used to make a more dramatic eye look. AND for £36 you're only paying £3 per shadow! That's amazing value! You also get a mini Primer Potion as well!

I love making wish lists although its a bit like torture for me! But it makes me think which products to buy first and if i really need something!

Whats on your High End wish list? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love
Rosie xo

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beauty Tag 25 Questions ♥

Hey guys, while browsing the #bbloggers trend on twitter earlier i came across this Beauty tag which i thought was too awesome not to do! I love reading/writing tag posts!

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge or fingers?

Brush. My Sigma F80! 

2.Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark? or dark to light?

Light to dark

3. Do you prime your eyes?

When i'm going to be out for a while yes, like going clubbing or something. But not for work!

4. Concealer first, or after foundation?

after! I used to use it before foundation and ended up using like double the amount of product i do now! 

5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?

Neither! I don't like people touching my skin!

6. Exfoliate lips, face or both? 

both, both, both!!

7. On Average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?

It depends on what make up i'm doing really! My everyday make up like for work and shopping takes like 20 minutes whereas my going out make up could take much longer!

8. Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?

Nope, i don't wear it around the house. I don't even wear it at work most of the time! 

9. What release are you most excited about? 

My wish list for make up is literally pages long!

10. What's your weakness? Shoes, purses, clothes, jewellery, eye shadow, lipstick or other?

At the moment, probably lipstick. I used to have more eyeshadows than i did lipsticks but now its the other way around! 

11. Do you whiten your teeth?

I use whitening toothpaste? (which doesn't work!)

12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?


13. What do you use to contour?

Changes everyday!

14. False lashes, or natural?

I very rarely wear false eyelashes! If i do its for a super special occasion!

15. Favourite makeup brand?

MAC or Rimmel i think!

16. Liquid eyelinder, pencil or gel?

Pencil and Liquid, i could never choose!

!7. Lipstick, Lipgloss or Chapstick?


18. Pigments, pressed or cream eye shadow?


19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation, what would it be?

Oh god, such a tough question! It'd either be blush or lipstick!

20. Favourite colour in makeup?

neutrals or pink!

21. Favourite colour combinations?

neutrals and gold!

22. Natural? or Dramatic eye makeup?

Depends on what i was doing that day!

23. Do you care more about quality or name brand?

Quality, 100%. I don't care how expensive something is, if i like it and it works well then great!

24. Do you enjoy using face masks? if so which ones?

♥ facemasks! i enjoy pampering myself lots! 

25. What is your current addiction? 


Thanks for reading my answers guys! I'd really like to know your answers so if you post this tag, comment below with the link so i can read through them! :) Have a lovely day girlies!

What is your current beauty addiction? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

Monday, 11 March 2013

Nail of the Day/First Impressions

Well, if you saw my Boots haul that i posted yesterday, you'll know i picked up one of the Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish' in the shade "Royal Blue". I have to admit, i'd been lusting for a few weeks over this before i bought it. I've never been that into nail polish, as when i work it gets ruined!

I wanted this polish as in the shop the colour caught my attention very easily. Its a gorgeous blue/grey with purple and even some green in there. It looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle. I don't often go for dark nails really as i tend to prefer bright colours especially in the spring/summer.

Nails with two coats of "Royal Blue"

As you can see, the colour is the same as in the bottle and its gorgeous! But so far, my first impressions of this product aren't great! Despite me rolling the bottle around in my hand before i opened and used it, the first coat was so watery and lacking of any colour! It took a second coat to get the opacity. Another problem i has with this product was the drying time. I'm not super impatient but this dries so slowly that all i could do for 5 minutes is stare into space doing jazz hands! So after all that, i'm pretty disappointed with this product as much as i love the colour.

What products have disappointed you recently? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love
Rosie xo

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Boots Haul ♥

So, i popped into Boots earlier intending to get some Shampoo and instead i leave with 3 Soap and Glory products, a lip product AND  a nail polish? Only i could do that! Currently, Boots have a "3 for 2" across bath and skin care and i couldn't resist getting some Soap and Glory goodies!

I love S&G products, they smell heavenly and always feel really luxurious. They make me feel like I'm treating myself! I love hot steamy baths at this time of year, its so cold and miserable outside you need to give your skin that extra TLC. As its currently snowing, i thought I'd have a nice pampering bath tonight before my early morning shift tomorrow!

Before i tried S&G i used to swear by the Sanctuary bath products. I just loved them! I'd been using them years but now i can't use them! They give me a rash and this saddens me as they always worked so well on me!

First of all, i picked up the "Scrub 'em and Leave 'em" Body Buff. Let me tell you, this smells amazing. This is one i haven't tried before. I Can't wait to try this out later, even my mum wants to try it! Sweet smelling products always make me impulse buy, i can't stand bad scents on products, especially bath products!
I Also picked up the "Sugar Crush: Fresh and Foamy Body Wash" which also smells gorgeous, but I've noticed all Soap and Glory products smell great, and i can't wait to be smelling of this! Last but not least, i bought the "Sugar Crush Moisture Extreme Body Buttercream". I love body butters and lotions, i have terribly dry skin and nothing says pampering to me than a nice thick body butter!

I picked up a couple of bits of Make up from Rimmel today as well. I picked up another Apocalips as i loved the one i had already so thought I'd pick this one up as well! I got the shade "Big Bang" and its absolutely perfect. I love red lips and this has the advantages of lipstick and lip gloss! The pigmentation in this product is incredible and the formulation is great as well, not overly sticky but not too drying.

I Also picked up one of the new "Metal Rush" nail polish' as I've had my eye on this one since they came out. I loved the look of "Royal Blue" as the colours are just gorgeous. It has hints of grey, blue, purple and even some green in places with a metallic finish. I love anything metallic and I just couldn't not buy this after lusting after it for so long!

What have you bought recently? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Beauty Essentials♥

We all have a certain few products that we couldn't live without. Sometimes its haircare or skincare or make up. I'm just here to tell you what i think are the products that every single girl should have in her beauty collection!

Red Lipstick
My first make up must have is a red lipstick. These little beauties can make any look instantly that bit more rebellious and sexy. I've yet to see a skin tone red lipstick doesn't suit as well! Dare to be bold and rock the bright red lip. I've tried a fair few red lipsticks in my time and some good ones are Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in "Big Bang" and ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in "Rich Red".

Good Make Up Brushes
No matter how good your make up is, it will never be as good if you use bad tools to put it on with! Decent brushes doesn't have to mean expensive. We need a brush that doesn't shed hair, is soft and doesn't irritate the skin and made well. Two brushes i love in particular are the ELF Studio Blush Brush and Sigma F80 Flattop Kabuki.

I have incredibly dry skin and i need this in my life because otherwise putting make up on means all hell breaks loose! Dry skin is irritating and make up can end up sticking to it making it very obvious to others. I've used so many moisturisers before but the one i use now is the only one i've seen make any difference. E45 Moisturising Lotion is gentle and kind to my sensitive skin while actually helping to keep my skin hydrated and flake free.

Face Wipes
I cannot stress this one enough, i must go through about 3 packs a month at least of these! I find it physically impossible to not take my make up off at the end of the day.  Olay Essentials Cleansing wipes have been my favourite so far but the Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing wipes come up a close second.

Lip Balms
Okay, I'll admit it, I love lip balms. I always carry one with me and have at least two in my room just in case. If like me, you have very dry and chap-prone lips, it can be really frustrating when all you really want is soft, hydrated and kissable lips! I love Cherry Carmex but i always have a tub of vaseline by my bed so the last thing i do before i get into bed is put some on and i wake up with lovely soft lips!

Body Lotion
As important as it is for the skin on our face to be soft and hydrated, the same goes if not more for the rest of our body. Dry, flakey skin is not the best look! Also, scented body lotions or butters smell and feel fantastic. Your skin ends up smelling so lovely and feeling soft so really, how can you say no? Vaseline body lotions are amazing!

Intensive Conditioners
Most of us can confess to torturing our hair sometimes. Some more than others, my poor hair must hate me (explains my bad hair days!) after the years of abuse i've put it through. Whether you regularly dye or bleach your hair or just use heat tools on it very often, it's going to be in need of some TLC. Intensive conditioners are great for that, putting life into dull hair thats been straightened into oblivion. I love Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner but leave it in for a few hours rather than minutes!

Heat Protection Spray
Adding in from my last paragraph, it also helps if you use heat spray before you style your hair. Don't ruin your hair keep it lush and healthy! I love the Charles Worthington heat spray :)

What are your Beauty Essentials? Tell me in the comments

Lots of love

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dreaming of Paris

I'm Dreaming of Paris

Paris. The city of lovers. Who doesn't want to go to the one of the most fashionable cities in the world? The most romantic city too. With big designers like Dior, Chanel and Louis Vutton all based in Paris its not hard to see Paris as being the ultimate destination for many a fashion or beauty blogger. Or even just a loved up couple. After reading the fashion tips French bloggers here on the cheap flights website, I decided to answer the very same questions they did as someone who dreams of Paris

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me means being comfortable for who you are. Daring to dress how you want, to feel beautiful. The way a woman dresses can often show a lot about that woman's personality. Fashion doesn't have to mean designer labels, it just means you like it!

How does Paris inspire your style?
As one of the most fashionable cities in the world, who wouldn't be inspired? To dress that little bit more daringly, to go for the bold looks and to dress to impress. As its called "The City of Lovers" why not play that up? Go for pinks and reds. Or maybe heart patterns or motifs? Why not simply go for a bold Make up statement and go for a subtle face with a bright red lipstick? With their many shopping centre's and department stores, you're never too far to go shopping and pick yourself up a new beautiful outfit! You might even be able to pop into Sephora and find the perfect Red lippy for you!

What is one item you ALWAYS take on holiday with you?
My camera. Whether I'm going sightseeing or just having a relaxing chill out at a local café i love to take photos of everything! Some people take chunky SLR's but others make do with a Camera or Phone. Anything to take a snap of a memory you're making!

Your Fashion tips for Holidays?
  • Always bring flat shoes with you as well as you're pretty high heels. You'll thank yourself when you want to go for a walk during the day and your six inch heels are giving you grief! 
  • A big bag is always good. It will be stylish and be able to carry all those things you need with you while holidaying.
  • Always bring a coat. If you don't and it rains, you'll be sorry! (Or you could buy one in Paris i suppose? Hmmm I'm such a shopping addict lol!)
  • Comfy Clothes. Comfy clothes doesn't always have to mean unflattering, shapeless jumpers! Leggings can be dressed up or down and are extremely comfy!

Have you been to Paris? What does Fashion mean to you? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,


Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me

Hey guys, its 11am and the sun is shining here in England! I know, i'm just as surprised as you are! It was freezing cold at 5am when i started work so it was a nice surprise for me to see how lovely the weather is! Today I'm doing a "Get ready with me" post for my average day make up/look. Its really, really simple and as the sun is shining and its a nice day i thought i'd go for a bold lip (i love bold lips in the nice weather!). So lets get started!

Oh god.... No make up! Eek!
Okay, so we need to start fresh faced! As you can see doing early morning shifts takes the life out of me and i end up looking like a zombie! Grrrr! So apply moisturiser and/or primer! I'm using Rimmel Fix and Perfect. 

With foundation and Concealer 
Now its time for Foundation. I used MAC Studio Sculpt (NW15) and used my Sigma F80 brush. After i've finished applying that i move on to concealer. I use my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer on any blemishes and blend it in. Next, a powder to set it all with. I used MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (Light). After that i dab on some Blush and today i used Bourjois Little Pot Blush in "Pink Frisson" which is a gorgeous girly pink! This is very pigmented though, if you're not careful you'll look like you're sunburnt! I dab it onto my cheekbone then blend it up towards my forehead. 

Eyes done using my Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in "Smokey Brun"

Now its time for the eyes. I used a mix of the two lightest shades in the quad as my all over lid colour and then used the shimmery gold first in my crease and blended it in. Then i used the darkest shade in the quad in my crease. Then going over it with a fluffy blending brush i blended it out so it was more subtle! Next eyeliner, I like thick eyeliner on my top lashline. I didn't go for winged eyeliner today as i'm ill and kept coughing and didn't want to do myself an injury :(. Next I used my Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude on my waterline to make my eyes seem brighter and bigger! Two coats on Maybelline Volume Express Mascara later and my eyes are done!

Last but definitely not least is Rimmel Apocalips in Nova on my lips which is a beautiful bright pink! Sorry about the silly face but i don't take serious photos very well! Well now i don't look like such a zombie i think i may venture out!

This is what happens when you take a photo of a Crazy Cat Lady interacting with her cats...

I was trying to take a picture and the cat decided to join me and wanted a fuss, thats why I'm smiling!

What products do you use on a daily basis? Tell me in the Comments!

Lots of love,


Friday, 1 March 2013

February Favourites

February Favourites

Its that time of the month again where i ramble on about the products i couldn't live without this month! As always there might be some things i've used in a favourites post before but there is also some new things! February has been a cold and windy month for me and i'm just counting down the days until summer. 

I don't have too many this month as you can see! I've bought a lot but haven't had them long enough for them to become my favourites! 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy Deep Treatment
Well, let me start off by telling you i love intensive conditioners. I have used lots in my life as i dye my hair so much and bleach it so my hair has been in some terrible conditions. But thankfully, its in a lot better condition now! I prefer this to the regular "Aussie 3 Minute Miracle" as this one smells so much better, i'm hopeless at trying to describe scents but its kind of sweet. My hair can get really frizzy and as i don't heat style it everyday, i don't want it being frizzy. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair anyway and this does help. I actually use this for more than the 3 minutes they say, i leave it out for about 2 hours under a towel then rinse it out. Perfect. 
Lime Shower Gel 
I love limes, anything that smells or tastes of limes and i love it. I much prefer lime to lemon and it upsets me you can't find as many lime scented things as you can lemon! Anyway, i picked this up and immediately fell in love. Makes my skin smell super lovely and it leaves it feeling really soft. I've gone through about 3 bottles of this already this month as i can't get enough of it! *pauses to sniff gel and giggle from happiness*
E45 Moisturising Lotion  
I had this in my January Favourites  aswell and it still amazes me. Its soft and gentle on my skin which i need as i have rather sensitive skin. It leaves it feeling silky and hydrated. I have problems with really dry skin and i always put this on. I have to! 
Elf Studio Blush in Gotta Glow
I use this product every time i wear make up. I use this as my highlighter and i love love love the effect it leaves. I sweep it on my cheekbones, in the middle of my forehead, down the centre of my nose, on my chin and on my cupids bow. Its soft and subtle. I've had this product almost a year and despite using it almost everyday i've only just hit pan on it! You really don't need much product to get the glow! All the Elf Studio Blushes are lovely though, pigmented and with a silky finish. 
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait in 1
I could never talk about this enough, i'm serious. I was cursed with very dark under eyes and have always hated them! Most concealers don't look good underneath the eyes in my opinion but this one blew me away! It covers the darkness but always highlights and makes the area look very pretty with a nice subtle glow. Great coverage and just overall amazing product. I love how its pinky toned too as it looks alot more natural on my skin tone. 
MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose
Well, i bought this after seeing a review of this and thought well the name describes me so it must be made for me. The idea is you swirl your blush brush around the whole product and you pick up a few of the different colours. There's some pink, some purple and some very light peach. It comes out lovely on my very fair skin. Its pretty shimmery but i do like shimmery Blushes. It looks quite natural as its not just one colour but a mixture of a few! Its very subtle colourwise but its so lovely on those cold days to bring some colour to your cheeks!
Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in Smokey Brun
Love this quad, its beautiful. All of the colours are gorgeous and they all have a lovely metallic finish which i love. I reach for this quad very often and its just beautiful on the lids. You can wear it soft for a slightly more toned down look or it can be used for an intense smokey brown eye. The eyeshadows have great colour pay off and aren't chalky whatsoever. love love love.

What are you February Favourites? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,

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