Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask ♥

So, the lovely people over at Tanning and Beauty World sent me the "Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask" to try out. Well, for starters, if you read my blog you'll know how much i love anything luxurious! The website has such an amazing selection of different products for you ranging from skincare to Make up!

Now, onto the product. True to its name it does feel very silky. They claim "Designed to condition the lips and repair dryness, boost the skin's cellular renewal, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, slough away dead skin cells and leave your lips silky smooth". So, after using this for the first time, did i like it? Yes! I'e always had a problem with dryness on my lips which gets so bad they crack and it's quite painful. I kept the Lip Mask on for 20 Minutes and once i took it off i could see and feel a difference. The product is non-invasive as it helps to plump up your pout without the need for any needles. They're £19.95 for a 4 pack which is amazing value as the pack should last you about two months! Each lip mask can be re-used for around 2 weeks, providing you stored it away correctly. I've been using mine before i apply any make up and i must say I've had a lot of compliments! And the best thing? The product contains no harmful chemicals which is always a mega bonus for me!

How to use: Cleanse your lips - Apply any lip balm - Wash the Lip mask in Water - Apply Mask to Lips - Leave on for 15/20 Minutes - Take off and Ta-Da! No need to even rinse the lips!

The Ascel Silky Gel Lip Mask is available at along with more products from the Ascel Brand.

Have you tried any new products recently? Tell me what you recommend in the comments

Lots of love,
Rosie xo

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