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Best and Worst: Eyes Lips Face (ELF) ♥

Best&Worst from ELF
Eyes Lips Face or ELF are a brand that gets talked about a lot in the bblogger world. I think everyone has tried some of their products. The products are very cheap and there is no animal testing to make them either. Here in the UK, we don't have them in shops so we can only order them online. I've bought quite a few things from ELF over the last year or two and these are my best and worst from ELF. Now, i love ELF. I'm not criticising the brand, I'm just stating what the products that i loved and disliked are! Your products may be different, you may have loved them, this is my personal opinion. You can see more products on their website here


Studio Blush Brush and Angled Blush Brush
The Studio Range from ELF is a bit more expensive than their "basic" line but it's still relatively cheap. I love the ELF Studio Brushes and these two are my favourites. The blush brushes are so soft and they feel really sturdy too. They look like they'd cost more than £3.75 each really. I use both of these brushes daily and they've never shed either. I use the angled blush brush to apply my highlighter and the blush brush to apply my... blush weirdly enough! They're a great product for an amazing price as I'd pay much more than what they're asking for! 4.0/5

Top to Bottom: Hazy Hazel, Drama and Butternut
The Eyeshadow quads. These little beauties are from the basic line and I'm actually in love with them. They're sold for £1.50! The quality of these is just amazing. Drama make a really dramatic smokey eye and Hazy Hazel and Butternut are great for neutral looks and even make a great night look too. They feel so creamy, not at all powdery and the pigmentation is incredible. They're small enough to fit in a make up bag if you're on the go and they come in so many colour's it'll be hard to find a quad you don't like! 4.2/5

Top: Gotta Glow Bottom: Pink Passion

The Studio Blushes are heaven in little black packaging. Easily blendable and just the right amount of pigmentation. The colour selection is great too. My favourites are "Pink Passion" which is a really girly pink but looks quite natural on the skin. Its a really gorgeous colour on, you can easily build up the colour if you want a more intense look but these look lovely even quite sheer. "Gotta Glow" is my go-to highlighter and I'd be lost without it! Its a gorgeous white/pale gold almost colour with shimmer. I use this on my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead, down my nose and on my cupids bow.  3.5/5

Eyeshadow Brush
The basics line has some good brushes, mainly the eye brushes. This one has to be my favourite though, the Eyeshadow brush. This is great for packing colour onto your lid or just for a quick sweep if you're in a hurry! This only costs £1.50 and the bristles are so soft i can't stop touching it! 3/5

Last, but not least...

Studio Eyeshadows! These are beautiful, pigmented and really soft as well. There are a fair few nice colours to choose from on the site and from my experience, they're all great. This formula is amazing. This is somehow better than the Basic Quads. This eyeshadow i use as a inner corner highlight as its very pigmented and lasts for hours on my face! 4.5/5

The Worst:

ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. This is from the basics line and i just never got on with this product. I'm a very pale girl naturally (NW15) and this was the lightest bronzer i could find on their site at the time and  i just can't use it! It comes out so orangey and as much as i love shimmer, this has way too much for my tastes! With this amount of shimmer I'd say this is more of a highlighter than a bronzer. Guess I'm stuck looking like a ghost for a bit longer than eh?! 1/5

L to R:  Flirtatious, Classy and Nostalgic 

The Basics Lipsticks. Although the colour themselves are quite nice i find the formula beyond annoying! I have extremely dry skin and my lips are quite dry too. I found these lipsticks way too dry most of the time for me. Especially in winter. They dried my lips out even more and sunk into the cracks and made them much more noticeable! Its a shame as they're fairly pigmented too. 2/5

The Tone Correcting Powder is from the Studio line. I've got a lot of redness on my face as well as some heavy dark circles so i thought I'd give this a try to see if it really could help correct the colour of my skin. I found this product did absolutely nothing to my redness or my dark circles. The only difference i saw was that it left a rather white cast on my face and made it really obvious i was wearing make up! I was really hoping this would work as it would have become a HG product instantly! 1.5/5

L to R:  Plum Pout, Fire Coral (No Sticker on Last One)
Where the Basic Lipsticks were too dry, the Plumping Lip Glaze formulation is too sticky. The plumper has no effect whatsoever apart from making the lips slightly tingle but the lip gloss and plumper are just so sticky its hard to open your mouth! The only nice colour i found on the lips was "Fire Coral" as well which disappointed me as i wanted a lip gloss i could everyday to work. 1/5

Thank you for reading this rather long post. ELF's website is These are my personal opinions. ELF is a great brand on the whole and i look forward to trying more of their products.

What products do you love from ELF? Tell me in the comments

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. I love the eyelash primer from the studio range it's amazing! x

    1. ooh i haven't tried that! sounds interesting tbh


  2. I've been after some new eyeshadows, may have to go have a look! :) x

  3. Gotta glow looks amazing think im gonna try that :) I love the studio brushes too xx

    1. it is! sadly my mum dropped it and it broke but it still works amazingly!
      will deffo repurchase this!


  4. Completely agree with you about the brushes, they're really decent. I have the blending brush and it works just as good as my Sigma one! I have Pink Passion blush too, but found that the pigmentation was really terrible, but other blushes were fine. I think some of their products are hit and miss and it's due to the manufacturing! shame really.

    I followed. Would you mind checking my blog? :) xx

    1. maybe you had a blush out of a bad batch? this is my second and they've both been extremly pigmented! yeah, the brushes are great quality especially for the price.

      i'll do that now xx

  5. Hey, I found this post interesting... my sister uses Elf, and she absolutely loves it. I really like the look of the pink passion studio blush. I think I'll need to get this for my makeup bag!!

    Great blog! x


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