Monday, 18 March 2013

Best Dressed: Cheltenham Festival ♥

Ladbrokes have kindly asked me to put together a list with who I thought were the best dressed people at the Cheltenham Festival 2013! If you want to find out more about the festival click here. 
In the United Kingdom, we've had horrendous weather! Wind and rain non stop, but these fashionistas wouldn't let a mere thing like weather get in the way of looking amazing...

Kate Middleton
Kates wowed the British Public since she came into the news! Always looking effortlessly beautiful and wearing beautiful clothes, its hard not to be jealous of her! Looking cheerful as ever despite the weather, but hey we're used to the British weather, wrapped in a snuggly coat. Personally, I love colourful coats. No matter what you wear them with they look great and its a welcome splash of colour if you're wearing all black! The knee high boots are beautiful, I've been looking for some of these for ages! Bet her feet are nice and warm! Got to admit though, not so sure on the hat...

Fawn Beddows
Well, Clearly someone just doesn't care about the weather! She must have been so cold but I have to admit, that playsuit is utterly gorgeous. Playsuits are amazing for summer and the fact its my favourite colour too makes it even better! I like the colour clashing aswell, Very bold and it looks lovely on her! I'm also in love with her lipstick and wish i knew what it was! 

Now this dress is just... WOW. She must have been cold too but my god, her dress is the most gorgeous thing i've ever seen! Since i found this photo i've been searching the web for something similar! I'm really into my bright, bold colours and this dress is just beyond pretty! Her shoes are gorgeous aswell and i think she deserves a standing ovation for being able to walk in them especially when its been so windy!

Just like Kate, Pippa is definitely a fashionista. I do love the bright yellow jacket on her, even if I'd never wear it myself, she pulls it off rather well I think! I'm loving the big shades too, not that there was much sun to shield your eyes from! She must have kept toasty warm in her boots and big coat! 

Now, for THE Best Dressed...

*giggles* WOW. You've got to love Alan Carr for this. He looks hilarious/dashing! Russell Brand looking effortlessly gorgeous as ever. I'd kill for half his wardrobe, he is so well dressed all the time! But Alan definitely upstaged him! Without his glasses on we probably never would have recognized him! Loving the top hat... 

Click here to see what kind of outfits i like to wear!

What would you have worn to Cheltenham Festival 2013? Tell me in the comments!

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