Sunday, 10 March 2013

Boots Haul ♥

So, i popped into Boots earlier intending to get some Shampoo and instead i leave with 3 Soap and Glory products, a lip product AND  a nail polish? Only i could do that! Currently, Boots have a "3 for 2" across bath and skin care and i couldn't resist getting some Soap and Glory goodies!

I love S&G products, they smell heavenly and always feel really luxurious. They make me feel like I'm treating myself! I love hot steamy baths at this time of year, its so cold and miserable outside you need to give your skin that extra TLC. As its currently snowing, i thought I'd have a nice pampering bath tonight before my early morning shift tomorrow!

Before i tried S&G i used to swear by the Sanctuary bath products. I just loved them! I'd been using them years but now i can't use them! They give me a rash and this saddens me as they always worked so well on me!

First of all, i picked up the "Scrub 'em and Leave 'em" Body Buff. Let me tell you, this smells amazing. This is one i haven't tried before. I Can't wait to try this out later, even my mum wants to try it! Sweet smelling products always make me impulse buy, i can't stand bad scents on products, especially bath products!
I Also picked up the "Sugar Crush: Fresh and Foamy Body Wash" which also smells gorgeous, but I've noticed all Soap and Glory products smell great, and i can't wait to be smelling of this! Last but not least, i bought the "Sugar Crush Moisture Extreme Body Buttercream". I love body butters and lotions, i have terribly dry skin and nothing says pampering to me than a nice thick body butter!

I picked up a couple of bits of Make up from Rimmel today as well. I picked up another Apocalips as i loved the one i had already so thought I'd pick this one up as well! I got the shade "Big Bang" and its absolutely perfect. I love red lips and this has the advantages of lipstick and lip gloss! The pigmentation in this product is incredible and the formulation is great as well, not overly sticky but not too drying.

I Also picked up one of the new "Metal Rush" nail polish' as I've had my eye on this one since they came out. I loved the look of "Royal Blue" as the colours are just gorgeous. It has hints of grey, blue, purple and even some green in places with a metallic finish. I love anything metallic and I just couldn't not buy this after lusting after it for so long!

What have you bought recently? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. I love the S&G sugar crush body scrub so much! I know it won't be long before I buy the body wash x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. i recommend it, it smells heavenly and they work really well together!


  2. ah i bought the apocalips big bang shade on saturday and absolutely love it! such a gorgeous pure colour :)
    now following on GFC

    1. you really can't go wrong with a bright red lip can you?!

      thank you lovely, i'll check yours out now


  3. I smelt those Soap and Glory things in boots today and very nearly bought them. They smell amazing!x


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