Monday, 11 March 2013

Nail of the Day/First Impressions

Well, if you saw my Boots haul that i posted yesterday, you'll know i picked up one of the Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polish' in the shade "Royal Blue". I have to admit, i'd been lusting for a few weeks over this before i bought it. I've never been that into nail polish, as when i work it gets ruined!

I wanted this polish as in the shop the colour caught my attention very easily. Its a gorgeous blue/grey with purple and even some green in there. It looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle. I don't often go for dark nails really as i tend to prefer bright colours especially in the spring/summer.

Nails with two coats of "Royal Blue"

As you can see, the colour is the same as in the bottle and its gorgeous! But so far, my first impressions of this product aren't great! Despite me rolling the bottle around in my hand before i opened and used it, the first coat was so watery and lacking of any colour! It took a second coat to get the opacity. Another problem i has with this product was the drying time. I'm not super impatient but this dries so slowly that all i could do for 5 minutes is stare into space doing jazz hands! So after all that, i'm pretty disappointed with this product as much as i love the colour.

What products have disappointed you recently? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love
Rosie xo

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