Thursday, 11 April 2013

Holiday Travelling Essentials ♥

I'll admit it right here, I'm terrible at packing. I either pack far too much or don't pack enough! So, i go away on Saturday with my Boyfriend! Packing has been so confusing as well what do you take, beauty wise? 
I mean (sadly) i can't lug my whole make up collection through customs! 

But we all know of some beauty products that are essential if you're going on holiday or travelling! 

Suncream - Personally, for someone as pale as me this is the first thing I'll pack as if i forget it I'll look like a tomato for the next few weeks! Taking good care of your skin now really helps for later on in life. But I'll be coming back looking like a giant freckle nonetheless..
Moisturisers - Sun bathing can really take a lot out of your skin. Especially if you get burnt, moisturisers help keep the skin from flaking and going dry in general. 
Make Up Remover Wipes - i Um-ed and Ah-ed about whether to bring a bottle of make up remover or wipes before i settled on wipes. I don't know about anyone else but i always easily reach the maximum weight on my suitcases! So, this takes up less weight/room! Not that I'll be wearing any make up during the day...
Basic Make up Kit - Everyones "basic" make up is different. I know people who won't leave the house even to pop to the shop and i know people who rarely do more than mascara!
 Personally, my basic make up kit comprises of
 Foundation (Rimmel Wake me Up),
 Powder (MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural), 
Lip products (Kate Moss Lipstick, Rimmel Apocalips, Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush and Rimmel Lipliner), Concealer (Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection) 
Blush/Bronzer (ELF Studio Blushed/Bronzed Duo)
and Eye Products (MUA Heaven and Earth Palette and Maybelline Volumizing Mascara)

To me, these products are enough to get a few different looks out of but not "too much" to take. Pretty sure my boyfriend will disagree and make fun of me though! I'll only be wearing make up in the evenings though! 
But I'm so excited guys, I'll make sure to take lots of pictures :D 

Other Essentials:
- Razors
- Hair Brush and Hair bands
-After Sun Lotion

What are your travel Make up Essentials? Tell me in the comments!

lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. I'm so bad at packing my make up essentials.i usually leave it until about an hour before I'm due to set off than haphazardly start throwing things in my case haah. I always insist on taking one of everything too,which is ridiculous but I hate the thought that I might need something & not have it xx

    1. & hope you have a lovely holiday!its pouring it down up north today & I'd love to be swapping it for some sunshine!xxx

    2. aha i normally do that but i'm determined to make myself bring only the things i'll use/need!

      Thanks lovely! it's raining here in the south too :(
      Rosie xo

  2. Great post! Well when i'm on holiday , I probably won't meet the people I see there for a second time so I tend to use this as an excuse to pack the minimum make-up. It also saves quite a lot of space. I think its nice to go all natural on holiday especially if you fear sea water getting splashed in your face :p x
    (Its the last 3 days of my giveaway so please come and check it out!)


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