Friday, 5 April 2013

Men's Grooming Secrets...Revealed!

It’s the age-old stereotype that women spend hours grooming and preening, while men are considered ‘feminine’ for spraying on some deodorant once in a while. However, in recent years many men are embracing a healthier and more groomed lifestyle; meaning those stereotypes finally seem to be breaking! 

To find out whether men and women really are equal in the grooming stakes, I decided to conduct a little research. Firstly, I asked women how long they tend to spend showering, doing their hair and applying makeup…and just generally getting ready! 

Most women suggested they spent around 20-40 minutes getting ready for an average day, and extended that time by around 20 minutes if they’re preparing for a night on the tiles! I believe this time is pretty realistic when you consider the application of makeup, blow drying and straightening hair, etc.  

I asked men the same question and I found the results to be much more surprising. When preparing for a night out with their mates, most of the respondents suggested they can take anything from an hour to an hour and a half to get ready! 

I never expected the times to be this extreme, but it just goes to show that more and more men are choosing to spend time on their appearance than ever before. While the majority of men may not indulge in makeup (yet!), many are now styling their hair, taking care of their skin and even managing their body hair. My own boyfriend spends a lot of time getting ready, about as long as I do! Doing his hair takes him longer than it takes me to do mine and mine is a lot longer! Seriously and I thought I took ages getting ready! 

Personally, I see no problem with men grooming more! If they want to look their best and feel it too, who are we to judge? I know plenty of guys who dye their hair, pluck their eyebrows and go to the sunbeds. I think it's always been seen as a "girly" thing to do until recently, but only good can come from this!  I also happen to know plenty of men who use a wide range of skincare products to make their skin look its best. 

A large number of men are even leaving the comfort of their bathroom to be groomed professionally in a salon. Indulging in everything from manicures to spray tanning, the number of men frequenting beauty parlours appears to be rapidly rising. 

This dedication to beauty does seem to be coming at a price though. First4Lawyers conducted a survey to see how many men have been injured whilst at a salon, and the statistics are pretty shocking. Up to 10% of the men who responded to the survey claimed to have been injured whilst having their legs waxed, whilst others told tales of injury during haircuts, tanning and other waxes. Ouch! 
What’s perhaps most surprising are the stark differences between men and women’s injuries, as women appear to be injured much less. Don’t worry men, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon! Practice makes perfect!

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