Thursday, 25 April 2013

NYX Haul& Swatches ♥

NYX UK were having a promotion the other day, if you spent £25 on line you got free delivery! Well, you know me, I'm a shopaholic and I'm always lusting after their products so i didn't need an excuse to purchase some lovely NYX goodies!

Looking at this picture, its not hard to tell what colour i love to wear!
 I've only ordered a few things from NYX before and this time i as really excited to get more as the products i have tried, I've loved! I've heard youtubers and beauty bloggers alike talking about how amazing this brand is and i have to admit, they're right! 
I picked up a few bits that have been catching my eye every time i go onto their website for a "browse" which means hysterically crying and wishing payday as closer. The "Mega Shine Lip Gloss" I've been wanting to try these for ages after hearing so many beauty guru's saying how great they are! I picked up four and LA~ LA~ is probably my favourite! They smell beautiful, like fake cherries!  I also picked up some blushes to add to my ever growing collection and I've fallen in love with both of them, the shades i purchased are "Bourgeois Pig" and "Rose Garden" i was going to pick up "Pinched" but it wasn't in stock so i will have to keep checking to see when its back! Both of the blushes feel lovely and soft. I picked up one Eye shadow trio and one single. The Trio is called "Casablanca" and features a matte medium grey, bright pink and dark grey/black. The shadows feel very soft and I'm looking forward to using these! The single i picked up is in "Silver" and true to its name, it's a silver! Its got a fair amount of shimmer but its very pigmented. 
Swatches of Eye Shadows and Blushes
Mega Shine Lip Gloss Swatches
Excuse the mess in the background, i was so excited to swatch these! As you can see, my arms are very freckly! But the products all seem to have good pigmentation and the formulations seem good too, the lip glosses are not too sticky and the powders don't feel chalky whatsoever! I'm very pleased with this and can't wait to try more things from NYX.  I'm also very happy with the size of the products, nothing is small and all contains a lot of product. 

NYX UKs website is if you want these products!

Do you like NYX Products? Have you tried any of these? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. That free delivery has been tempting me all week arghhh:(!!
    Lala looks such a lovely colour :) and the blushes look great too, they remind me of a Chanel brush being in little squares in the package
    Great haul xxx

  2. I have a couple of NYX lipglosses, I love the smell of them!

    La La looks like an amazing colour!


    1. it is! problem is i keep wanting to eat it :( it smells that good!


  3. i love but iv only ever tried the jumbo liners
    i love everything you got and they look like really high quality!

    newest follower, find me at
    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Hey, I just saw your comment on Beauty Broadcast and decided to check out your blog. Great post; I've recently discovered NYX myself and am loving it! Their blushes are great; I actually just bought Bourgeois Pig but haven't tried it out yet. I hope you'll come visit my blog sometime: Have a great day!


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