Friday, 14 June 2013

Benefit They're Real Review! ♥

Its not a beauty blog without a review of Benefit's They're Real, is it?

Everyone, including me, went rushing to the nearest newsagents when they found out ELLE were giving away a free sample of Benefits "They're Real" Mascara with an issue of the magazine. I'm not one of magazines as to me they care way too much about sponsors and i end up disagreeing with pretty much everything they say but i did go out just to buy this! 

The sample is 4g of product and it comes in a miniature "They're Real" bottle which is super cute. You can actually buy this sample in Boots for £9.50! Which is one of the reasons so many of us rushed out to buy the magazine as it was only £4! 

I love Benefit products, from their cute names and packaging to the actual quality of their cosmetics. It's the UK's No.1 best selling mascara and i can see why. The brush is great for separating lashes and i love the bristles on the end which makes getting the lashes in your inner corner so much easier! with just one coat of this one my lashes i could already see a huge difference whereas with most mascaras, i always have to have a few layers on before I'm satisfied. This gives me the length it promised and hasn't made my lashes clumpy or spidery (literally, my biggest hate when it comes to make up!). It's a nice formula that isn't dry at all so don't worry about flaking and it takes a lot to get it off! That's probably my only problem with this product as it didn't budge with a make up remover wipe but that just proves it's waterproof. 

Never realised how hard it is to take a picture of lashes before! One coat of "They're Real" 

I'd definitely repurchase this once I've used up my sample size which is actually lasting me a long time. My lashes were full on touching my brow bone i was amazed! The full size 8.5g is £19.50.

What do you think of the Benefit They're Real? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. I love this mascara! Been using my sample from Elle too and it's so good! :)

  2. Hi there, new follower from Twitter. :) I got a sample of this too and I'm definitely getting the full size when I run out! I've never bought a high end mascara before, I always thought they weren't worth the money, but this one is, my lashes have never looked fuller or longer. Really glad I was able to try it!

    1. Have to agree!

      Thanks for the follow my love :)
      Rosie xo

  3. I wanted to try this for so long but didnt want to pay the proper price so I was very happy to see it in elle magazine xx


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