Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Best of Brands: NYX!

Last month i did a post called "Best of Brands: Rimmel" (which you can read here) and thought I'd turn it into a bit of a series! Today, I'm talking about NYX. Best of brands is where i talk about my favourite products from one brand and explain why i love them. 

Can you tell i really like pink?

NYX is a brand i never tried anything from until fairly recently, thinking that we didn't sell it here! Turns out we do and a few months ago i made a sneaky purchase from their website and ever since then, I've been loving them. Their prices are pretty good, keeping in line with drugstore/high street brands. 

Firstly, i love their powder blushes, of which i currently have two: "Rose Garden" and "Bourgeois Pig". They have so many shades available and at £5.50 for 5.2g of product it's a lot of product for your money. They blend beautifully and come in loads of different finishes. The Megashine Lip Glosses are literally my favourite lip glosses at the moment. They're highly pigmented and super glossy and shiny (as the name suggests). They feel sort of sticky but in a "I'm-staying-on-your-lips" kind of way not an uncomfortable sticky. My favourite shade of these is La~ La~ which is a gorgeous coral colour, perfect for summer.

 The Megashine Lip Glosses are £7 each. The Soft Matte Lip Creams are a new addition to my collection but I'm already loving them. They are super matte but not drying at all, which is great for me as i have really dry lips! The colour pay off is great and they last for hours on the lips. I bought mine in a set called "Give it a little Love". The set costs £12 while they retail each for £5. The Single Eyeshadows are £4.50 each and I've fallen in love with these too. They're really pigmented, blend easily and come in so many beautiful colours that one day I'll end up owning them all. Lastly, i have a product that is very hyped about in the bbloggers world. The Jumbo Eye Pencils. They're seriously great. I have two shades "Milk" and "Blackbean" and love to use them in a few different ways. They make a good eyeshadow base as the "Milk" shade is great for making colours look even brighter and helping their lasting power. I love using "Milk" as an inner corner highlight too. They're creamy, pigmented and you don't need to apply a ton of pressure to get the product. 

I'm going to have to make another sneaky order from them soon too as writing up this post has made me want to try more from them! Bbloggers problems, eh?!

I do have other products from NYX cosmetics but these are my absolute favourites. I'm still testing out some and there are others on my wishlist too. I'd recommend all of these products and the brand itself as i think their customer service is top notch! 

What are your favourite products from NYX? Want to request a brand for a Best of Brands post? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. I have the Soft Matte Lip cream in San Paulo and I have to say I amn't the biggest fan of it! I really wanted Tokyo but it wasn't in stock, it's definitely the nicest shade!! x

  2. What a great post. I love the NYX lip creams they are great!



  3. where do you but it from ? please tell me on my blog as I really want to known !

  4. I always thought you couldn't get NYX here too for some reason aha, thanks for proving me wrong :) These products look lovely, I definitely need to give them a go!

    Claire xx


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