Friday, 28 June 2013

Emotional Brilliance ♥

Whats the first thing that you think when i say "Lush"? For me it would be either bath bombs or Bubblegum. Until recently, i didn't know Lush even had a cosmetics range. I've always loved Lush stores, they smell beautiful, are full of beautiful colours and there is always something new to try. 

Lush' Cosmetics range, Emotional Brilliance, has had me interested ever since i first saw it instore. I eventually caved in and got a few bits from it to try out.  

I have two of the eyeliners "Success" and "Motivation". Success is a gorgeous light silver with lots of shimmer whereas Motivation is a two-toned peacock blue. Both can be used in two ways, wearing sheer or opaque. Opaque looks awesome, as the colours are super vibrant but sheer looks really flattering too as the colours become a lot softer and the shimmer really shines through. I also picked up a lipstick called Passionate. The lipstick is a very bright pink fuschia shade which is super glossy looking and stains the lips. When it catches the light it almost looks purple! These are all £14.50 each. 
Top to Bottom: Success Opaque, Success Blended, Motivate Opaque, Motivate Blended, Passionate, Charisma Skint tint Blended

Charisma is a skin tint and this little tub should come with a warning saying "do not swatch as i do literally tint your skin" just for idiots like me! This product i'm not so sure of as i'm pale and pasty and lovin' it!  Charisma is £12 a pot. 

I think the packaging is pretty cool, it doesn't look like make up, to me anyway! In little glass vials with black lids that look like pipettes. As always with Lush, everything is handmade and fresh and  natural.  

I'm a bit in the middle about the Emotional Brilliance line, as the products are alright but not anything i would use on a daily basis. Also, they're quite expensive for a small amount!

Have you tried anything from Emotional Brilliance? Tell me in the comments! 


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  1. oh wow, may have to check out their makeup range. love the little pipette



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