Saturday, 22 June 2013

Soap and Glory Lid Stuff ♥

I'm such a huge fan of the bath and body products from Soap and Glory, so a little while ago while i was having a browse in Boots, i decided to pick up a few things from their cosmetics line as i hadn't tried anything from them yet. I picked up a few products that i hadn't heard much about at the time. 

I love eyeshadows and have recently had a massive clear out of my eye products. I'm slightly fussy when it comes to eye products as i know what i like! I like pigmentation, non-creasing and i want it to last a long time. The Lid Stuff comes in 3 shades, "Smokey Dokey", "What's Nude?" and "Off the Wallflowers". I picked up Smokey Dokey as i love doing dramatic smokey eyes. 

Soap and Glory claim this product to be "fabulous flawless-finish, super colour 8 hour wear eyeshadow (that won't flake, won't fade, won't crease)". It's four shades are Diamond Dust (a brilliant white), Chine (a very light lilac), Black Gold (a dark grey) and Smokin' (a shimmery charcoal). Black Gold is the only matte shadow in this palette while the rest are shimmer. Each eyeshadow is 1.5g so in total you're getting 6g of product for £10. As for the wear time, I'd say i was able to wear them for about 4/5 hours before they started fading but with a primer they do easily last the 8 hours. 

Overall, i like this product but i had a few problems with some of the shades. I found Chine to be closer to an off white on the skin, rather than the lilac in the pan. It is slightly lilac though but to me, it's too close to the other shade Diamond Dust. I was really disappointed by this as I'd been very interested at trying out the lilac for a springtime look. My only other slight problem is with Smokin' which is a pretty colour but takes a few swipes to pick up enough colour to get any opacity.  A good thing about the shadows is they feel very soft and i noticed no fall out after using this. 

I probably wouldn't repurchase this product as it hasn't impressed me enough. I had high hopes for this as i love the other items from their cosmetics I've bought. I would still like to try the other shades they offer for Lid Stuff. 

What do you think of this palette? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love
Rosie xo


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