Sunday, 14 July 2013

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun

As a seriously pale girl, i have this constant battle going on! Which bronzer's look good on fairer skin tones?! I'm always on the lookout for the lighter bronzers, as most i see are so dark! 

I picked up this Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzer a while back, as i decided i wanted to try more of their products! It costs £5.99 for 16g of product, which is a pretty decent size really. I got it in the shade Light Bronze which is obviously, their lightest shade. I bought this hoping i could start using bronzer and stop being so scared of it! I was overall pretty disappointed. 

Although it may say light bronze, i did expect it to have more colour than it does! When i first used it, it literally made no difference to my face! I was super confused. After swatching it heavily on my arm, i realised it's not really a bronzer as it's just orange! When you use a small amount, it barely shows up and when you use more, it's orange!

Although i was disappointed in the colour of the product, i did like some things about it. It smells lovely, like flowery perfume. Reminded me of the Bourjois Little Round Blushes as they smell like perfume too. I like the twist on lid too, too many powders go for the cheap packaging (like Rimmel Stay Matte) which doesn't make it travel friendly, but i love how this is quite secure when closed. The texture of the product is quite lovely as it's super soft. 

As I'm super pale, the bronzer either made me orange (which is literally my biggest pet peeve) or just didn't show up at all. I can't fault the formula at all, nor the packaging. I think I'll pick up the other shade and see how that one is! 

What do you think of this product? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of Love
Rosie xo



  1. The other Maybelline bronzer, I think it's just Dream Sun smells so butters!

  2. Ive never really heard anything about these! I love accessorize for their bronzers!Beth May Blogs
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