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Skincare Series Part 4: Sarah's Top 5 Products!♥

Hi Everyone!

My name is Sarah, and I usually blog over at Sarah's Beauty Emporium, which is my blog. I'm very happy to be doing a guest post for Rosie today, and sharing with you all my top 5 skincare products!

A short while ago, before I started blogging, I was very lazy with skincare - I thought a quick face wipe at the end of the day would sufficiently remove all my make-up and leave me with perfect skin... I was wrong. Since starting to blog and reading other peoples blogs, I've started taking better care of my skin, and have some firm skincare favourites, that I'm going to be sharing with you today.

5. Apivita Express Beauty Face Masks
I was introduced to Apivita in April when I went to the #LDNBBMeet at Selfridges. Someone from Apivita was there and I had a lovely chat with her, and she told me all about Apivita's products. I have an M&S (Where Apivita is sold) literally down the road from me, so I set out and bought some of their face masks! You get two masks for about £3, and they are worth the money. There is a difference in my skin when I use these, and they also smell AMAZING. The one shown here smells of apricot, which smells great, but I also love the smell of the Pomegranate mask and the Grape one. They literally smell good enough to eat.

4. Garnier Clean & Soft Complete Cleansing Wipes
Although I don't use purely cleansing wipes in my skincare routine anymore, I still do have them. Sometimes, if I've come in from work or wherever at 1 in the morning & the rest of my family are asleep, the last thing I want to be doing is going through a long skincare routine - I don't have the time or the energy to do that, which makes these wipes perfect. These wipes are fantastic, there's a sufficient amount of moisture in them, they smell amazing and they're good at removing makeup. I like the Rose ones best but the cucumber ones also smell great. They're an easy alternative for those late nights out.

3. Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover

I bought this just as a random "I'll try this out and see if I like it" product a couple of months ago - I was slightly fascinated by the 2 liquids sitting on top of eachother in the bottle. When I got it home I was actually really impressed by it. It does quite a good job at removing my eye make up. Now, I use it every night. It's affordable, it's by Nivea, which is a brand I love, and it's pretty cool too with the Oil&Water sort of effect. You have to shake it before you use it, so the two liquids can (try) and mix. It does what it says in terms of removing waterproof eye makeup and is the first eye makeup remover I've found that does this efficiently. It does sting a little if you get it into your eyes, but it's not as bad as eye makeup removers I've tried in the past.

2. Nivea Express Hydration Primer

I remember talking about this quite a lot when it first came out as I literally saw it advertised everywhere. I couldn't find it anywhere, but eventually I found it. I'm now on my third tub of this, and I love it. It's a great primer - my makeup definitely does stay on longer, and it also acts as a moisturiser. They do this for two skin types - The blue lid one is for Normal to Combination skin, and the pink lid one is for Dry and Sensitive skin. My first two tubs were for Normal to Combination skin, but I bought the Dry and Sensitive skin one this time round, just because my skin has been a bit strange lately and I'm still unsure of what skin type I have - So if I try both I'll know which one works for me! This is also only £4.99 to buy, which is a bargain - you get 50ml in a tub.

1. L'Oreal Micellar 3-in-1 Solution

It's probably no surprise to those who know me that I love this product, and that this is number 1 in my Top 5 skincare products. I picked it up after hearing it was like Bioderma (which I haven't actually tried yet), so I wanted to get an idea of Bioderma was like. I'm not actually bothered whether this is like Bioderma or not as I love this for what it is. Taking makeup off with this is a dream - like it says on the bottle, it dissolves makeup, which is fantastic. I get through SO many cotton pads because I use this but I really don't mind - it's so worth it! The only downside to this is that the hole the water comes out of is massive. It's too big - you do get a decent amount on the pad quickly, but sometimes too much comes out! So all I would say is try and be controlled when you're pouring this onto a pad. The price of this varies from place to place, its between £4.99 and £5.50,  but some places do offers for "2 for £6" - which as you can imagine is a great offer to take advantage of. 

Anyway, I've really enjoyed writing this post, and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. A big thank you to Rosie for giving me the opportunity to write this post. If you want to read more posts by me, you can do so by going to my blog,

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Sarah xxx

Rosie - Thanks for that Sarah! You've officially given me product lust! This is Part 4 of my Skincare Series so thank you for reading it and a special thank you to Sarah for contributing! Lots of love xo



  1. I was quite lazy with makeup removal too! And i would sometimes sleep in my makeup o_O silly me. I really want to try nivea primer!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    dont forget to enter my RiRi Woo Giveaway Here

  2. I love the L'Oreal micellar water! It's amazing how it takes the make-up off! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM


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