Friday, 16 August 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Lingerie Pink ♥

Recently, while on the Boots website, i might have made a sneaky purchase or two! Boots had an offer on where if you bought two selected premium beauty items, you got an extra 750 advantage card points! I was super happy with that, as i'm currently saving up all my Boots points for a massive high end shopping spree. But anyway, the two products i picked up were my Benefit Bella Bamba and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink.

This is my second ever YSL product but first ever lip product of theirs. I've got to admit, this lipstick has been sitting on my wishlist for such a long time, i'm not even sure why. But when i saw that offer applied to the YSL lipstick, i quickly added it to my basket with no second thoughts. At £24.50 it's not the most purse friendly lipstick imaginable, actually i think this might be the most expensive lipstick i own, but i am super glad i bought this. 

Lingerie Pink is a beautiful milky pink shade, which is quite nude so it's easy enough to wear day to day.  The packaging of this product is truly breath taking with the bullet being gold with a thick band of colour in the middle - which is actually the colour of the lipstick. It easily stands out in my lipstick drawer as the prettiest. It smells really nice too, like flowery perfume but i can see that some people wouldn't like that. It goes on opaque in one coat and stays for a decent amount of time - around 3 hours before i need a touch up. 

Excuse the bad skin!

I'm so happy i picked this up as i know now why everyone raves about these so much, they really are fantastic quality with great shades. I haven't got a single lipstick in my collection that looks like this which is saying something as i must have like 20+ pinks!  If you're looking for a great nudey pink for everyday wear or one that can easily pull together a smokey eye look this is the one for you!

Have you tried this product? Do you love it? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo



  1. This shade looks great! I really want a YSL lipstick! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  2. I really want to try this, it looks so good! Great review, have followed you via GFC and Bloglovin':)x

    Check out my blog! -

  3. I love that colour - classic Barbie pink! I may have to invest..

  4. I love YSL lip products! The price tag is a little dear but it is well worth it!


  5. Thanks for pointing out this review to me. I plan on treating myself to a YSL lipstick with my Boots points. This colour is definitely going to be one I try.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic



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