Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream! ♥

While i was writing my skincare series, i made a skincare wishlist (which you can read here) and added a certain little eye cream to it. Before then, i'd never seen the point to getting an eye cream yet. I (naively) thought that eye cream was only for getting rid of wrinkles (which at 19, i don't have!) so for a long time, never used any sort of skincare based around that area. I discovered however, that eye creams are great for prevention of wrinkles and for getting rid of puffy or dark under eye's. 
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As i've been forever cursed with dark bags under my eyes (a mixture of genetics and Insomnia) i ran straight to my nearest Body Shop to pick up this highly raved about product. I'd read so many reviews and it was a good price and a brand i trusted on the whole, so i took the chance. I actually ended up quite liking this product as it does help give my eye area a lot of much needed hydration. I won't lie, the product isn't a miracle product, i still have dark under eyes but they are significantly less obvious especially at the outer corners which i'm very happy about, as i've always been very self conscious about it. One tiny little blob of the Vitamin E Eye cream is enough for one eye andit absorbs into the skin very quickly. At only £10 too it's quite purse friendly as i'm sure it'll last me a while. I love putting this in the fridge too, so when i apply it in the mornings it really helps wake me up! 

All in all, i was impressed by my first ever try at an eye cream. I will be trying others too though so watch this space for anymore reviews of eye creams!

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo



  1. This looks really good, I'd really like to try it, definitely need an eye cream with these bags around my eyes!! xx

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  2. I was going to try this, but went for the Vitamin E Eye Cream from Boots because it's only £2, and I really like it :)

    1. Ah fair enough! Will check that out :-)

      Rosie xo

  3. I've always wanted to try this, but alike to ToonAllikater above - I went for the Boots version. I ended up not liking the boots version, and buying another vitamin e eye cream has kind of slipped my mind until now :)

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  4. I have the worst bags under my eyes so I may just have to try this product!



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