Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Slimfat Diet: Week Two! ♥

Hey guys! Before i start with the actual post I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who commented or tweeted me giving me support after the post on week one was posted, you really made my week, so thank you!

Anyway, another week on Slimfast. I was really kindly sent some Slimfast goodies to help me with my diet. I've been super good this week (except for my "treat" which was Mexican last weekend but i didn't go overboard!) and stayed within my calorie goal! I've been trying some more foods this week for my evening meals.

I've been loving the Weight Watchers ready meals, (after a 10hour day at work, a microwave is all i can manage for now) and I've enjoyed every one I've tried especially the Bolognese Al Forno one which is super tasty. I've also discovered the Morrisons "Savers" range which is ready meals all of which have low calories. They're tasty and the lower calories means i can have more snacks throughout the day. I've also been loving tomato soup and a healthy carbonara recipe i found!

As Chocolate is my favourite Slimfast flavour, i drink it more often than not! It stops me craving sweets as it tastes sweet and just all around yummy. I've always assumed diets = boring food but obviously, i know that isn't the case now. I'm actually starting to enjoy diet coke now which is weird considering how before i wouldn't even go near the stuff. 

I'm trying to decide how much longer to do Slimfast for, whether it be another week or two. I've been getting loads of compliments from people saying that i look like I've lost weight, which is always nice to hear. I've weighed myself and have lost 5lbs! Which I'm super happy about. I will be doing Slimfast for another 2 weeks then moving onto another diet! 

Have you been dieting? Have you tried SlimFast? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


  1. Ohh I have never tried this before :O I have seen and heard about it a lot though, good luck with the diet but am pretty sure you don't need it ;D x

  2. well done girl - I've thinking of giving slim fast a whirl for a few weeks just to shift some excess pounds. x


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