Saturday, 21 December 2013

An Explanation...

Hey guys, this isn't a beauty post today! It's more of a ramble because i'll be explaining my absence recently and how my blog is going to progress!

I've recently started a new job which is 50+ hours a week, i've been working so much that i've barely found time to blog. Add in the fact i'm so rarely at home, after work all i have energy for is a bath then getting into bed. My health has been acting up recently, more specifically my myalgic encephalomyelitis, which is an illness i thought i'd learnt how to manage, obviously not. While i'll be working on getting my health better and looking after myself better, i'll also be blogging still as i love blogging and i love all the friends i've made these last 9 months! 

From now on, i won't be posting 4 times a week. I'll be posting 2 times a week (Wednesday and Sunday) at least for the forseeable future. So some weeks there might be more! Thanks to all the people who read my blog, leave lovely comments and just generally make me smile even when i'm having the worst day. I don't want to put out below average posts, so i'm going to be working out a time and day for writing up blogposts and other blog related stuff.

Thank you again, for being so great! ^_^ <3 

Rosielouiselove xo

1 comment

  1. Definitely put your health first! Good luck in your new job :) <3


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