Tuesday, 11 March 2014

'To Blog or not to blog?" Life Update #1

Since starting this blog over a year ago - i've wrestled with the idea of what content to write. My blog is a beauty blog but i've been wondering about adding some personal/lifestyle posts in here and there. I mean, i want you lovely people to know who is behind the posts. I hope you've read my 'about me' and know the basics. But here is my first ever life update...

I started a new job in January - and i've been loving it. I love working in sales, i'm 100% a sales person at heart. After leaving my old job because of moral issues i luckily found my perfect job 2 days later!

After two and a half years together i finally got my first slow dance with my boyfriend at his cousins wedding last weekend. I love weddings, they make me excited for my own - sad i know. Also hanging out with his family who i adore, is a major added bonus. 

Now onto my main topic, my terrible lack of posting recently. I'm sorry if anyone actually realised! With starting a new job, organising stuff and family issues i've barely had the time to put out any posts i'm proud of. I mean, i don't want to write below par posts - if i don't like it i delete it. I'd rather not post personally. This has made me go into a bit of a blogging funk as i like to call it. Because i've had no time to blog, i've lacked motivation and ended up with serious writers block.

I love blogging - and have since i started last January. But sometimes i wonder how others can balance a 9-5 job, a other half and even a social life and still have time to post detailed and quality blog posts. Maybe it's just me, but i'm hoping one day soon i work out how to balance my life out and share my time out equally.


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