Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weight Loss: Learning to love yourself ♥

Bit of a personal topic today guys but it's one i think everyone has struggled with at some point in their lives. Weight. Particularly, low self esteem because of your weight. I'm going to be very honest - no matter how embarrassed i may feel. 

I've been unhappy about my weight for years, being a very inactive person plus my intense love of all unhealthy foods hasn't added up to having a flat stomach. I have large and painful stretchmarks on my inner thighs and legs which makes wearing shorts or skirts without tights next to impossible. It's horrible feeling so disgusting in your own skin. What started off my latest 'oh god, oh god. what have i let myself become' moment was a photo. A photo of myself, on the beach on holiday in my bikini. As soon as i saw it, i wasn't sure if i wanted to cry first, or delete the picture permanently. 

THE picture

I'm 5"5, 20 years old and 168lbs (12 stone). My BMI is 27.9 which is classed as 'overweight'. I need to make a change because i'm sick of feeling ugly in my own skin. How can i be a confident happy person, when i hate looking at myself in the mirror everyday? So i've set myself some realisistic goals to try and get down to a healthier weight. 

GOAL WEIGHT: 133lbs 

1. i've just started the 30day squat challenge - to start toning my legs and bum.
2. i've started using MyFitnessPal again - to keep track of all the food i'm eating
3. I'm going to try and do exercise for an hour 4 times a week - walking, work outs or running.
4. I'm limiting myself to 1200 calories a day.
5. i'm cutting out junk food and replacing it with fruit and vegetables.
6. I'm going to drink 2litres+ water a day. 
7. I'm going to join a gym and go at least 3 times a week. 

I need peoples support on this so please, if you have any tips or anything please share them with me!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo



  1. Love this post.. would love to exchange post with u. I am such a advocate for mental health awareness & self esteem

  2. Good luck!! Keep us updated xx

  3. you're braver than I am when it comes to discussing this topic! I've been avoiding My fitness pal this week due to all the haagen dazs I've been consuming haha. I understand what you mean about being uncomfortable in your own skin, well done for wanting to do something about it!
    xo Kirsty

  4. Green tea babe and lean protein like tuna x


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