Sunday, 20 July 2014

Weight Loss Update: Week 2! ♥

After rambling on a couple of posts ago, about how i needed to learn to love myself and take control of my eating habits and body I've started to diet and exercise more. I'm not going to lie, i can be a pig. I love takeaways and packets of crisps more than i should. So, here is my first update and I'll be doing one every 2 weeks hopefully until i reached my goal weight! 

I've been limiting myself to 1200calories a day which is the safest amount for me as i still like to eat but i do want to get rid of this extra weight. I always have the same thing for breakfast but like to change up my lunch and dinner every day. I've come up with a few meals that are super filling, inexpensive and of course, low in calories. I could never give up carbs so i still do eat these but I'm still seeing a difference. 

For breakfast, i always have a pot of porridge as it's slow releasing energy and i always feel fuller for longer and it stops me snacking loads before lunch. My favourite is the Golden Syrup variety which is only 213calories. For lunch, sometimes i have a salad but recently I've been loving all of the Mug Shot sachets - especially the roast chicken one which smells so good! For dinner, I'm having either low calorie ready meals if I'm feeling lazy or random concoctions i put together myself. My favourite meal so far has been: 1 Quorn BBQ Chicken Fillet (88cals), Dolmio Pasta twists (296cals) and NuMe Tomato and Garlic pasta Sauce (76calories 1/2 pot) which filled me up loads and satisfied my craving for 'naughty' foods! Quorn is a great addition to any diet as it's always so low in fat and calories but helps bulk up any meal whether it's salad or a main meal. 

I've been doing slight exercise, i started the first week of the 30 day squat challenge but have had 2 days off now due to very achey legs which made walking look very funny. But i shall be starting again tomorrow where i left off! I'm going to start going for an hours walk every other day after work too around a local lake. 

I'm also very happy to say that so far i've lost 7lbs! I'm so happy and already people have commented on it but personally, i haven't seen that much of a difference yet in the mirror. Just on the scales! 


Thanks for all of your supports girls, it's very much appreciated !

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


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  1. I really need to start eating more healthily too as i eat so much rubbish at the moment, cheese is my biggest downfall! Keep going with your hard work, it sounds like you're doing a fab job :) xx


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