Thursday, 25 September 2014

Maybelline Colorsensational Elixir! ♥

Like every blogger, i get way too excited about brands i love releasing new products. I've been using Maybelline for years and years. They recently launched a new line of lip products called the Elixir Lips. I love the lip 'lacquer' kind of product as some lipsticks can be kind of dry on me and the staying power is normally brilliant. 

I bought two shades of the Maybelline Colorsensational Elixir (£6.99 each Boots) 'Signature Scarlet' and 'Blush Essence'.  As the name suggests, 'Signature Scarlet' is a bright scarlet red and 'Blush Essence' is a gorgeous medium pink. The packaging of these products is really lovely - they're sturdy but pretty. 

Maybelline claims:

"Maybe gleaming colour can feel as good as it looks. New Maybelline Elixir, with its moisturising formula and velvety wand, cushions lips in lustrous colour that’s soft not sticky. Our 1st colour hit with the addictive feel you’ll crave."

Personally, I'd say these are on the sticky side. Not unbearably sticky but as they don't seem to 'set' they seem to get smudged really easily. As for the colour, i was expecting really rich and pigmented colours as the name 'colorsensational' would imply. Sadly, i found these started out quite pigmented but the more you applied the more it sheered out. It makes the red a lot more wearable for girls who aren't 100% comfortable with wearing bright colours but i was expecting more. They do have a really nice scent though, which I've noticed all Maybelline products have. The claim that this is moisturising is pushing it - it doesn't dry out my lips but it doesn't help add any moisture at all from what I've seen.

If you prefer more muted colours this would definitely be for you!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


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  1. I think that these are definitely not the products that Maybelline have advertised them as - and it is a real shame that they're a bit sticky. I love the colour range though, the nude shade caught my eye in stores and I like the look of your swatch of Signature Scarlet xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice


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