Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Current Everyday Skincare Routine! ♥

I've admitted it many times before but I'm addicted to skincare. Its scary to think until a few years ago, i didn't use any skincare whatsoever. Now it's a routine i stick to everyday without fail just to keep my skin looking as good as it possibly can. I have dry and sensitive skin but thankfully, i don't really break out. I get the odd spot like everyone does but my main skin problem is the dryness.  This is my everyday make up routine, i do switch this up at the weekends and add face masks and other treatments but weekdays i like to keep it as simple as i can. 

When i get home from work, the first thing i do is remove my make up using a cotton pad and the Vichy Pureté Thermale Micellar Solution* which I've almost finished. This helps remove my make up and even gets rid of waterproof mascara. I then cleanse again using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with a Muslin cloth. This helps remove the last traces of make up and also any dirt. After using these two, my skin always feels really clean, soft and refreshed. In the shower, i use the Garnier PureActive Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash which keeps my skin free from blackheads and keeps my pores from being blocked. 

As i have quite dry skin, i need to use an exfoliator everyday to keep any flaking skin at bay. The Boots Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub is gentle enough to use everyday and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I always concentrate this on my nose, cheeks and forehead where i get the driest. Once out of the shower, i spritz some of the Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz over my face and wipe the excess off with a cotton pad. Last but not least, i moisturise with the Olay Beauty Fluid to keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated.

If you'd like to see my weekend skincare and what treatments i use, please let me know!

Whats your current skincare routine? Tell me in the comments!
Lots of love,
Rosie xo


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