Thursday, 16 October 2014

LUSH Oatifix Mask ♥

Like most other beauty bloggers, i rushed out recently to stock up on some of the new Lush products. While i was in the shop i also treated myself to some skincare, bath bombs and lots more too. Lush is a shop i love - the smell draws me in. The shop is so bright and full of colour too.

I picked up the Lush Oatifix Mask (£6.50 75g) on that shopping trip. It's definitely Autumn/Winter now and with the weather being a lot colder, my dry skin needs all the tender loving care possible. The Oatifix mask, like all LUSH products, is filled with lovely fresh and natural ingredients. Oatifix contains oatmeal, ground almonds and banana. It doesn't look like your average face mask but it works brilliantly on my skin.

Lush says:

"This gentle, nourishing mask is made with fresh bananas and illipe butter to moisturise dry skin. oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin work together in a mildly exfoliating base to eradicate dead skin, leaving you soft, supple and moisturised."

Anyone with dry skin knows how annoying it is to constant have dry or even sometimes flakey skin. My skin is also quite sensitive so i have to be careful about what brands i use on my face. I always put a generous amount of Oatifix all over my face and leave it to soak in for at least ten minutes before rinsing it off. Once it's been washed off, my skin feels smoother, more hydrated and healthier. The build up of dead skin can make your skin look very dull and once you remove this mask, your skin doesn't look dull. Oatifix is gentle on my skin and smells lovely (like oatmeal). The Oatmeal has an anti-inflammatory effect too on the skin so any sore spots feel a lot better after using this. 

I always rotate between a few face masks with every use but this is one i'll definitely keep in my collection as i've enjoyed using this so much!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

Lots of love,
Rosie xo


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