Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award! ♥

First off, i want to say a massive thank you to Melody from Glam Fire Diaries for nominating me in her post. Its means a lot so really, thanks a lot and I'm glad I've discovered your blog through this! 

Basically, the rules of this are that you nominate 15 people that you love and share 7 facts about yourself. Lets go!

1. I cannot sing but i am constantly singing. At work, in the bath... I've even caught myself singing out loud a few times at the gym which is pretty embarrassing to say the least. 

2. I've been to at least 300 gigs in the last few years. I've seen You Me at Six, All time Low, Prodigy, Mayday Parade and many more but the band I've seen the most are my close friends Fort Hope who had their Radio One Debut this week. 

3. I love watching movies but my favourite films are either Horror movies or Disney movies. I'm obsessed with movies like The Little Mermaid from when i was a kid but i also love watching scary movies (although it's only because they make me laugh!)

4.  I have an illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (also called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which left me bed bound when i was 14/15 - it means my muscles and joints are constantly inflamed/painful, i find it hard to walk some days and have problems with my memory and energy. If i 'over exert' myself too much, i can end up bed bound with exhaustion. I've learnt to live with this since i was diagnosed when i was 14 but it's still hard every day and it's not something i speak about often.

5. I've had over 35 piercings in my life but currently only have 6 in. I only have two small tattoos on my left wrist but i'm planning more. 

6. I'm only 5"6 but i'm tallest girl in my family by far and i've towered over my mum since i was 13. Despite being average height, i have really big feet and wear size 9/10s!

7. My biggest fear is slugs and snails. They creep me out way too much. Spiders, Snaked and Heights? I'm fine with them but i see a slug outside my house? I turn into a hermit until its summer again!

Once again, Thanks for tagging me Melody!

I nominate:

Ellis from elrbx
Gemma from Make Up Magpie
Liza from GlamBeautys
Angelica from One Little Vice
Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady
Sophie from Sophie Meola 
Rebecca from BekyLou
Sarah from Loved By Sarah
Terri from Hello Terri Lowe
Molly from What Molly Loves


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