Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette! ♥

I can admit that i am a bit of an eyeshadow palette addict and i probably own more than anyone who only has one pair of eye will ever need. I can also admit that most of my palettes are Urban decay. Urban Decay are my favourite high end brand for eyeshadow palettes. They're packaged beautiful, highly pigmented and blend like a dream. So, to complete my collection my lovely mother in law got me one for Christmas! 

The Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette (£) is absolutely gorgeous. With 6 neutral shades and a large mirror, this is perfect for travelling or make up on the go. the six shades are: Skimp, Stark, Frisk, Cover, Primal and Undone. Like all Urban Decay eyeshadows, they're soft and blend easily. They're also highly pigmented, even the lightest colour only needs the smallest amount of building up. Undone - the darkest shade in the palette - is the most highly pigmented, you only need to lightly tap your brush. With 6 shadows, you could easily create different looks whether it be a natural everyday look or something more dramatic.

This is my first Urban Decay Basics palette and i'm in love, i doubt i'll ever travel without it now! 

Do you have this palette? What do you think? Tell me in the comments!


  1. they're all so pretty!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  2. I have most of the urban decay palettes, the basics are the ones i need ot add onto my list as i love all three of my naked 1,2,and 3 ones , they look just as neutral and able to use as the others, love urban decay great post



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