Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cheap Make Up Storage! ♥

As much as i love the look of some youtube Beauty Guru and beauty bloggers make up storage i know that mine will never be the same. I don't have the money for Alex Drawers (let alone anywhere to put them) or hundreds of items of Muji storage. For me, i want something to be practical, look pretty and not break the bank. I also really really REALLY love shopping for home bits so here are a few of the little things i do to keep my make up collection together and looking nice.

Although the inside of those acrylic drawers look messy, i promise they are really organised. It goes: 
Top Left - Foundations, Bases and Concealers, 
Middle Left - Blush/Bronzers/Highlighters, 
Top Right - 'small' eyeshadows
Middle Right - Eyeliners, Eye Primers and Eyebrow products
Bottom Right - Lipsticks, Lipgloss and Lip Liners.

This way i know exactly where i need to go to grab a certain product and it means i always end up using new products because i grab whatever catches my eye. 

I wanted a really cute pot to put my Make up Brushes in and i found this cute on at B&M Homestores - it's mean to be a plant pot but it's the perfect size for my make up brushes and makes the area look really cute as well as going with other items in that corner of my room. It was only £1.50 too which is a massive bonus for me as i;m super stingy!

I like to organise my 'high end' palettes and have them on display at the same time as the packaging is just lovely on these. The organiser i have is actually a letter rack that i once again picked up from B&M for only £3.99. It easily fits all my Naked Palettes, theBalm palettes and my MAC Palette too. It also matches my make up brush holder too.

The acrylic drawers may not be super pretty but they're a temporary solution until i find something better. These are from another discount store and were around £6 each.

What do you use to organise your make up collection? 

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