Sunday, 22 February 2015

Crazy Colour Candy Floss ♥

I really like changing my hair colour. Over the years I've had so many hair colours - black, blonde, red, red and black and god knows how many other colours. A few months back i wanted to experiment with another colour but also wanted to try out this new pastel hair colour trend. I've been using Crazy Colour for years - my bright red hair was achieved using one of their dyes so i bought their hair dye in the shade 'Candy Floss'. 

Crazy Colour dyes are semi-permanent which means you can use this often without having to worry about the damage to your hair. I put this onto my hair when it had been recently bleached and the resulting colour was a really light, pastel candy pink. The one problem i had, was the formula was a lot thinner than it was a few years ago so i ended up needing more than one bottle for my medium length hair. It's easy enough to apply - you don't need a hairdressing course just a pair of rubber gloves. After making sure my hair was completely covered, i left this on for the full 30 minutes.

I do really love the colour this comes out as - it's cute and an easy way to experiment with the whole pastel hair trend going on right now. Unfortunately, i found the colour only stayed in my hair until i washed it. So i would say 'semi-permanent' is a bit of an over statement, for me 'wash in, wash out' would be closer to the truth. Although, the red i used all those years ago would last a lot longer so it's most likely down to the fact it's such a light colour. I've enjoyed using this and if i feel like experimenting anytime soon, I'll definitely be grabbing another couple of bottles of Crazy Colour. 


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