Friday, 27 February 2015

Future Home Inspiration ♥

I'm currently saving up to buy my own home so i'm spending a lot of time in the evenings browsing Pinterest to find inspiration for how i want my house to be decorated. I'm always on the look out in shops for cute home decor - i even have a loft full of stuff ready to go! I've found Pinterest to be the best place to find inspiration, even if i do end up with some serious home envy! 

Some of my favourite things to search for to give me ideas have been: 'vanity', 'white home decor', 'retro kitchen' and 'shabby chic' so very generic. I love the look of some of these homes and really want to achieve something as gorgeous as this! It's only been recently that i've got into using Pinterest. My poor other half won't be allowed to decorate with me clearly! 

I really like white/cream home decor as it feels so clean and crisp and you can make a statement with whatever accessories you put in there. 

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