Monday, 16 February 2015

Kat Von D Innerstellar Palette! ♥

While i was browsing through Sephroa on my trip to New York, i couldn't help but be drawn to the Kat Von D Make up stand. I think she's amazing - she's talented, she doesn't care what anyone thinks and her make up is always amazing. I'd heard a lot of good things about her make up line - but hadn't seen any of it before. Obviously, because it's me, i was drawn to the eyeshadow palette and pretty much ran to the till with it before anyone could stop me....

The Kat Von d Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette ($46 Sephora) is absoloutley gorgeous. It's the most expensive piece of make up i've ever bought on holiday but i've used this so many times since i got back. The palette has 12 shades in what they call 'unexpected celestial nudes' which i'd agree with except for the random purple in there. The eyeshadows are a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes so there is a real variety in this palette. I am drawn to nude eyeshadows but i've been trying to incorporate brighter colours into my make up routine more and more recently so i've been enjoying using 'Lunacy' which is the purple with the pearl-like sheen. 

L to R: Orion, Darkstar, Astrological, Lunacy, Dios and Night Crawler
L to R: Lycan, Vast, Graviton, Killing Moon, Moonshine and 3am.
The shadows are all soft and the formula is lovely and easy to blend. All of the colours are fairly pigmented though the lilac does take a

little building up. I was seriously impressed with the pigmentation of 'Killing Moon' which is the matte black. It's easily the most pigmented black eyeshadow i've tried - a little certainly does go a long way with this so light hands are needed! The staying power of these is good - around 6/7 hours before they start to fade. 

There are loads of looks to create with this palette and i'm really happy i picked this up. It's made me very excited to try more products from Kat Von D's make up line! 



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