Friday, 20 February 2015

Wet n Wild I'm Getting Sunburned! ♥

There are so many brands available in the USA that we can't get here. They do have some great drugstore brands too. One I've tried a lot of and loved is Wet n Wild. I started hearing about them years ago when i first started watching beauty guru's on youtube and they were all talking about their eye shadows. Naturally, since then, I've ordered a few and bought some on different holidays and all in all I've been really impressed.

All of the other Wet n Wild palettes I've bought have been very 'neutral' so this time i thought I'd pick up one of the brighter palettes off the shelf so i ended up buying Wet n Wild Colour Icon Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned. I loved the look of the gold in the palette but was a bit unsure of what the 3 eye shadows would look like in a look together. 

Unfortunately, my gut instinct was right. I personally do not like a look with these 3 combined the pink and brown look lovely together as do the gold and brown but all 3? no. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to make up and putting shimmery pink along my brow bone is way too much for me. Thankfully, i use the palette to complete other looks with other eye shadows. 

The eye shadows are like all the others I've tried from this line so lovely. They feel so lovely it's hard to believe they're only $3! They glide on easily and are very pigmented and last all day easily. They're easy to blend and the colours are gorgeous. I'll definitely be buying more of the trio and quads but maybe I'll pick one a little less bright next time! 


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  1. This trio is one of my favs! I love the eyelid shade :)

    Annie |


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