Monday, 20 April 2015

Coconut Oil Uses ♥

I love multi-tasking products - so much. I love them even more if they're really easy to find and a great price too. For me, a pot of coconut oil is an essential. I have a lot of different uses for it and i know others love it too. 

Unlike a lot of other bloggers, my uses are slightly more limited considering i hate coconut oil in cooking. I really dislike the taste of it so my uses are purely practical (but mostly for beauty purposes)

Hair Mask - I warm a little bit of this up and run through my hair, concentrating on the ends and leave on overnight. Once rinsed off your hair will be soft, sleek and healthier looking.
Body Butter/Lotion - Applying a small amount of this onto slightly damp skin after a bath or shower helps add some extra moisture. I normally save this for my knees, elbows and shoulders as this is ultra moisturising. 
Lip Balm - I always use Lip balm before i go to bed and i've started using Coconut oil on my lips as it's so moisturising. I always wake up with super soft and smooth lips. 
Cleanser - When someone first mentioned this to me, i was skeptical. But i tried it and it easily removed my days make up with the help of a Muslin cloth. Even waterproof mascara and eyeliner came off. Best of all? Because it's super hydrating and natural your skin doesn't feel irritated! 

Personally, i love using coconut oil and i'm slowly converting my friends and family into using it all the time. There are even more uses that i haven't spoken about. These are just my favourites! 

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  1. I've been using coconut oil a lot recently for baking/cooking and oil pulling x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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