Monday, 6 April 2015

LUSH Dark Angels ♥

As someone who has quite problematic skin, i'm always trying out new skincare. I have extremely dry skin that is also easily irritated. For me, skincare needs to be quick and easy as well as effective because i don't have time to apply 20 different creams and serums every night. 

One of my favourite brands to grab skincare from is LUSH. Their products are all handmade and made with good ingredients (plus none are tested on animals). I've enjoyed using their face masks, toners and lots mores. But unfortunately, i seem to have found one of the only products i don't like in there.

Lush Dark Angels (£6.75 Lush) is a cleanser that also exfoliates too. This is the reason i picked it up, to help deep cleanse my skin and remove make up while also buffing away any dead skin gently on a daily basis. Unfortunately, i can't stand the smell or texture of this. It reminds me of liquorice, which i've never liked and the paste that it turns into doesn't feel particularly pleasant when applied to the skin. It easily removes all traces of my face make up and rinses off easily. I also noticed after using this my skin was slightly sore and irritated. I won't be buying this one again but will try another cleanser from their massive range. 



  1. I LOVE lush products :D so it's a shame this one didn't work out for you but I'm sure you can find one that more suits your skin!

    Ali :)

  2. I see this product all the time in LUSH, but I have never once bought it. The reason being, similar to you, the smell wasn't very pleasant. I mean, I like liquorice but I don't want my face smelling like it! Although I do like the name of this product :) Great, honest review hon!

    Hana x


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