Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Blogging Routine ♥

When it comes to blogging, i surely cannot be the only really nosey one who wonders how people write their posts? I mean, for me, i have a really set routine that i always stick to.

I like to always be ahead of myself so i always make sure i have at least one weeks worth of posts already written up - just in case i get writers block. I always plan my posts in advance too - i carry a little mini notebook around with me always so i can jot down post idea's and it also has my schedule in it too. I have a 'to review' box of goodies on my computer desk so normally I'll take a few of these out and take photos and edit those. 

When it comes to post writing, because i make notes throughout the week, post writing doesn't take too long at all. I always make sure I'm comfy with a cup of tea and my cat on my lap and sit and write for a few hours. It's even better now it's light outside for ages because it means i can write/take photos whenever i feel like it. 

I usually blog on the weekend, as i work Monday to Friday so i don't get much time at home during the week. This is the most productive way for me!

How do you blog? Please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Great post! I wish I was dedicated as you to write a weeks post in advance. I aim for that too, but only ever among to write 2/3! Julie x


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