Wednesday, 13 May 2015

eBay Beauty Brushes ♥

I'll admit that i love buying brushes. I normally stick to Real Techniques or Sigma but wanting to try out some of eBay's beauty offerings ended up with me placing a cheeky order for 10 Kabuki style brushes.

I've heard some horror stories from people about buying beauty products on ebay but also seen a lot of people talk about the dupes for the Real Techniques brushes.

The set only cost me £6.90 (with free delivery) and i was a little apprehensive. I was surprised by how soft the brushes are and how sturdy they feel in the hand - not at all flimsy.  I've used most of the brushes now and i've found them to be pretty good. The bristles don't fall out and they apply make up well. I will definitely be buying more brushes from eBay (though i'll always keep adding to my Real Techniques collection too! I have 5 kabuki style eye brushes and 5 face brushes too!


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