Monday, 25 May 2015

EOS Lipbalm 'Strawberry Sorbet'

Hi there! I know I've been really bad at posting the last few weeks, but it's because I've been so busy with work and sorting stuff out for the next few weeks! It's been a long month - i restarted a health kick including eating and drinking better. But also switching up my beauty regime to make sure that my skin and hair is also healthy. 

I'm always repurchasing lip balms. I don't think i have ever finished one, it's impossible i swear. I like what Vaseline does for my lips but hate applying it - it grosses me out putting my finger in the tin to get the product out! 

Whilst browsing Manchester Topshop, i saw they had an American beauty section with brands like NYX, EOS and others. I immediately had to try one of the EOS Smooth Sphere lip balms - I've been seeing people use them on YouTube for years and singing their praises often too. 

EOS Smooth Sphere ' Strawberry Sorbet' Lip balm (£7 Topshop) is a really good little addition to anyones handbag. I love that you just apply to your lips - no messing about with sticking your hand in a tin. It's not too soft either so you don't end up ruining it while you apply. 

The lip balm is '95% Organic, 100% Natural and Paraben and Petroleum free' according to EOS which is always a big bonus for me. Once you've applied, you lips taste super yummy like strawberry sweets and this scent lingers for surprising long. The formulation is really nourishing and hydrating but not too sticky or thick. It contains Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E so your lips are getting some serious TLC when you apply this.

If you're like me and are obsessive about re-applying lip balm, you need to try this! It also comes in other flavours like Mint and Honeysuckle too!

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  1. I'm SO obsessive about applying a lip product and I've actually never tried EOS!

    This looks so good though :)

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