Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Update ♥

I know i've been super sporadic recently on here, but i've had a really busy few weeks! I turned 21 (older but not wiser), jetted off on holiday and even managed to go to a festival. I'd rather have a few weeks not posting than put out posts that i'm not happy with personally. But thanks for sticking with me anyway, it's appreciated!

So, i turned 21 on May 29th and i got to spend my birthday in Manchester with my boyfriend and his friends in Fort hope. It was a lovely evening and my very romantic boyfriend had booked us into the Hotel Football which was absolutely amazing! I had a whole weekend of celebrating with friends and family - i wish i could turn 21 every year from now on!

My mum booked me a holiday for my birthday - 5 days in the sun with my boyfriend right on the beach! We were in Santa Susanna, Spain and the weather was lovely the whole time we were there. We visited nearby Barcelona which was beautiful - especially the architecture! I did manage to come back with pretty much no tan though - forever pale. 

Last weekend, i ended up spending my day at Download Festival to go and see my favourite band ever. Which is easily my favourite gig now! It was super muddy and wet but it was a lot of fun.

I dyed my hair on Saturday again so now i have bright pink hair! Review will be up soon!

So, thats why i haven't been posting. Watch this space because after this weekend i've got lots of new posts coming up! 

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  1. Yeah Download! I didn't go this year which felt weird. Which was it who's your fave band? :)
    x GNAR MOSH x


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