Monday, 6 July 2015

Pugs not Drugs ♥

Has anyone else noticed the obsession with everything being pug related recently? i have and i'm loving it. They're adorable. So when i was offered a chance to get a new phone case and i saw this little beauty - i of course went straight for it. I'm so clumsy that not having a phone case is ridiculous.

Iconemesis allowed me to choose one of their cases to keep - and i've always gone for the silicon versions before. I chose the Gemma corral Pug Case for iPhone 5 & 5s* which is currently only sale for only £5!

I drop my phone very often - and thankfully, since i've had this case on i've not chipped it on broken the screen! I always catch myself looking at it and giggling because i find pugs ridiculously funny. Work colleagues who have pugs love it too! 

They have a lot of cases currently in the sale now on  so you should check it out and grab yourself a pug case! 
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