Saturday, 23 September 2017

Brushegg Make Up Brush Cleaner ♥

Lets admit it, we all loathe cleaning our make up brushes. It's such a chore especially if like me, you have quite a lot. I've been reading reviews about the gloves to help you clean these but i've always been wary due to the price tags associated with these products. So when i saw this little item for sale and at such a low price, i bought it to see if it would help me save time cleaning my make up brushes.

Brushegg Make Up Brush Finger Scrubber is very small, fitting on two fingers. Its perfect sized for most brushes except from larger powder brushes and other brushes that size. I got mine in purple but a quick google shows me they do other colours like pink or mint green too. Its made out of silicon and feels quite sturdy - not cheap at all. There are two different patterns on there to help you clean your brushes. The smaller dots on the top are to help 'foam and lather' while the grooves below help pull off any oil, make up and other dirt on your brushes.

I always use baby shampoo or washing up liquid to clean my brushes and this is certainly easier than the way i used to clean my brushes. The only problem i have with this is the size, as for my larger face brushes its quite fiddly but i'll be looking out for a larger version from this company. 



  1. It takes me so long to wash my brushes as I have so many of them, but this tool looks really good! I've been looking for something like this for a while now.

    Emily xo

    1. give it a go, it's so much easier/quicker now.

      rosielouiselove xo


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