Monday, 25 September 2017

Freedom Make up London Pro - Vamp Noir Lipstick Collection ♥

Autumn is here and you know what that means? Halloween is coming. Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday of them all, Christmas is great and all but for me, a horror movie lover and dress up lover Halloween is the best holiday out of them all (not to mention all the sweets). 

So, when browsing the TAM Beauty website and i came across this little set, i was in love. I wrote about them in my haul here.  The Freedom Make up London Pro Vamp Noir Lipstick Collection (£5.00) is a great little buy especially for this time of year. Once it hits Autumn and it gets a little bit colder i always bust out my vampy lipsticks and my bobble hats. The 5 shades in this collection (Pure Vamp, Vamp Noir, From Dusk til Dawn, Dark Paradise and Intense Noir) are not sold separately from this collection. My personal favourite is Dark Paradise which is a gorgeous amethyst colour. 

The colours are amazing - the only thing i would change would be maybe to add a black - as there is not nearly enough black lipsticks available.  They are quite creamy and i haven't felt like my lips have become dry at all from using these either which is always a plus. These usually last  for a couple of hours for me before needing a touch up but would last longer without eating/drinking. 


  1. Loving the look of these colours for Autumn and Winter!

    Emily xo

    1. same here, some perfect A/W shades here!

      rosielouiselove xo


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