Friday, 29 September 2017

Losing Weight with FitBit ♥

A bit of a different one today, today i'm talking about weight loss. I've gained a fair amount of weight the last few years and i've not been comfortable with myself for some time now. I've been using FitBit for about 2 years now and i've really loved having it. This fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist measures everything from sleeping patterns to steps taken to my heart rate. It's really made me understand my body a lot better when it comes to weight loss.

so, why Fitbit? Well, they come with the traditional 10,000 steps goal. 10,000 steps works out roughly around 5miles per day. Depending on your lifestyle this might be something you do everyday or something you need to work on. Its the little things that make a lot of difference, like taking the stairs rather than using the elevator at work. Walking to the shops rather than a 5 minute car ride. It's nothing too drastic. Now for the science bit, 10,000 steps a day works out at around 2000 - 3500 calories burnt extra per week. 1 lb of fat = 3500 calories, so theoretically you can lose 1lb per week without doing anything strenuous. which is definitely a plus. when i first started using Fitbit, i didn't go to the gym but through the walks I've been doing the last few years, i have built my cardiovascular health and find the gym a lot easier. Its such a small thing but makes such a massive difference in how i live my life. 

it also lets you track all physical activity so you can see more clearly at the gym what you are burning off which is always a plus!


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